572 Ford Courier Barona Speedway

2000 hp 1978 Ford Courier Burnout

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Ford Courier Drag Truck
check out this 572 2000 hp 1978 ford courier pro mod pickup on the 1/8 mile at barona drag strip as he makes a complete pass. In 1977 the Courier was redesigned, and a host of new options was available. The truck was available with front disc brakes, as well as a Ford built 2.3 liter engine option (which was the same as that of the Ford Pinto and Mustang II). The key identifying feature of the Courier from Mazda's B-Series was still the singular headlights, although with park and indicator lights placed inset starting in '78 ('77s still had the turn signal lights in the bumper).[8] In 1979 the base model engine was increased in size to 2.0 liters (120.1 CID). The optional Ford 2.3 L (~140 cu in) engine was produced in Brazil.[8] The Courier was never available with a diesel engine in the US. However, the 1980 Mazda B2200 was available with the S2, a Perkins-built 4.135 (4 cylinder, 135 CID) 2.2 liter diesel engine, producing 66 hp (49 kW) at 2,100 rpm. This same diesel engine was available in the 1983 and 1984 Ford Ranger, however it was replaced by the Mitsubishi 4D55T 2.3 liter turbo Diesel (also used in Mitsubishi's own Mighty

1978 Ford Courier Drag Truck Hits Wall Barona Drag Strip 2-16-2013
This ford courier drag truck pro mod with the big wing always makes fast passes at barona drag strip. Just a loss of traction and the truck hits the wall with the side of the truck driver okay truck has damage. Not a great turnout at barona drag strip. The NHRA winter nationals in pamona check out this 572 2000 hp 1978 ford courier pickup on the 1/8 mile at barona drag strip

Killer wheelstands from various drag strips across the country.

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