Lapping day at Calabogie Motorsports Park

This is my first time at speed at CMP. My friend joined me with his white Prelude which is seen at the beginning of the video. I've included a slower warmup lap and a hotter lap later in the day. Next event I'll be trying to use more of the track and my humble 140 hp Integra.

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2013 NSW Formula Vee Championship - Round 5 - Race 1
Start Position: 4th, Finish Position: 4th, Best Lap: 1:14.6014 (FL) Location: Sydney Motorsport Park (North Circuit) I had a collision on the first lap with #22 and fell back to 13th. I was going to go deep into the corner and go around the outside while the others were fighting over the inside, but #22 moved over to the outside and braked sooner to take a different line and I got caught out. Completely my fault... my stopping distance probably wasn't helped too much by an oily rear disc caused by a failed rear axle bearing that we had just fixed. This is my first year in any form of motorsport so don't be too critical ;) Formula Vee Australia:

BMW Calabogie Motorsport Park
My second and third lap around the new race track at Calabogie in my stock BMW e46 325i. We were led by a pace car, no passing allowed.

Here is a video showing a prototype of the Wrecktifier add-on kit for FOC Ruination--it is a successor to the Boosticus upgrade kit for FOC Bruticus. For more information go to Facebook/Echo.TF.Toys Thanks!

Boosticus BEK-01 upgrade kit tips and tricks
Learn how to rotate Boosticus' guns forwards, as well as tips in installing hands and feet and posing!