87 GSXR 750/ 1127 CRASH

Dry-Nitro Dragbike

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GSXR crashes with passenger after brake line busts
So here is a mildly entertaining video of me literally "laying" my bike down at 1mph after my brake line busts and I'm left with no brake fluid and my passenger having a seizure on the back so I couldn't take the corner and decided to go straight but wasn't expecting the immense amount of sand. After seeing stupid comments by people on the forums saying I was target fixated in front of me so that's why I went there... I meant to go there you retards. The sound before I layed it down was not my brakes locking up or gears, it was the calipers not grabbing because of the air in my brake lines. Now stop with the "know it all" comments and just enjoy the frickin video.

1986 Suzuki GSXR750 eBay Auction # 110757168042
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Acceleration of a GSXR750 from 1987
People always ask me, so... how fast is that old motorcycle. Well here is their answer! Comments: Yes I know I don't short shift Yes I know that my clutch is slipping Yes I know it's not the fastest bike (but it is the best bike ;) ) Please subscribe! There will be a new episode every week, where in some I will talk and others that are more like this. Also, tell you friends!

My suzuki gsxr crash
Nazalost je upao pred defilej:(JBG