87 GSXR 750/ 1127 CRASH

Dry-Nitro Dragbike

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My suzuki gsxr crash
Nazalost je upao pred defilej:(JBG

suzuki gsxr 1127 burnout
A quick burnout before I replace my tyres

Mike the bike point a camera at him and watch him go.Sorry about the picture had to record it of the TV at the time, yes it's a GSXR750 with a GSXR1100 motor :)

Suzuki GSXR Motorcycle crash - SMIDSY
*Comments are now removed because they are getting quite harsh. This was my crash on Sunday 9th March 2014 Lady in the car crossed into my path, I was on the brakes as soon as I saw her cross onto the white line but wasn't quick enough, no idea on impact speed but was doing 30-33 prior. Amazingly no broken bones just very sore! Camera was GoPro so speed and distance perspective is warped, specially stuck on top of my head, second bike perspective is better and shows we weren't speeding. --- For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom