Shakedown World Record

Scott Cannon Shatters Record

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cannon record
Scott Canon on his record setting performance at the 2008 Shakedown At E Town.

Scott Cannon Jr burnout in Milan Michigan
Scott Cannon Jr. does a burnout in his Pontiac Firebird 5/2008

10 BRUTAL Drag Racing CRASHES - And They Walked Away
- All Drivers Were OK! - 10 Nasty crashes from various Drag Strips across the US.

KH 3.677@207.2 world record pass al-anabi racing
Doha Qatar shk.Khalid Al-Thani resets both et and speed records in the final round of the adrl that puts him as the second person ever to go 3.6s ever in an event right after jason scruggs did in Memphis, Tennessee this year in 09