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Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia IV

Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia


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Ford Granada V6 2.9 EFI LPG POWER
Ford Granada 2.9 EFI


Ford Granada 1977
Ford Granada V6 1977 Gold

A Magnificent Mk2 Ford Granada with Just Two Owners and 36,144 Miles from New - SOLD!
SOLD - SIMILAR REQUIRED CALL 01733 425140 A magnificent Mk2 Ford Granada with just two owners and 36,144 miles from new. EQUIPMENT Full width bumper pads with bright insert, front overriders, bodyside protective moulding with bright insert, bright Exhaust trim, map pockets, facia mounted Ghia badge, quartz clock, oil pressure gauge, front and rear cigar lighter, tachometer, ammeter, trinket tray, wood grain instrument panel and door cappings, tilt/slide steel sunroof, tinted glass, front electric windows, central locking system, power steering, Ford push button MW/LW radio cassette, boot lamp, optional rear electric windows, headlamp wash and dealer fitted tow bar and driving lamps. EXTERIOR The exterior of this Mk2 Granada is impeccable in every respect. Finished in Diamond White it has a deep, gloss shine which is amazing and an absolute pleasure to polish. The colour code and description sticker is still present in the spotless carpeted boot. The Tobacco vinyl roof is unmarked. Supplying Ford Dealer Stonehaven Motors number plates are still fitted. No marks, dings, blemishes or imperfections can be found except one undulation on the passenger wing. It has no stone chips. All the trim is perfect, window rubbers are black and all decals are correct and present including the Ghia badges. The bronze tinted glass is mark free but two microscopic chips can just be seen on the front screen. The Zibart rust preventative plug holes carried out when new can be seen in all the doors and sills but one rubber plug is missing on the driver's sill. The engine bay is clean and original but not detailed. A truly exemplary and unique example. INTERIOR The interior of this Granada Ghia is outstanding and as new. The twin reclining front seats are covered in the luxurious Crushed Velour/Verona Tan fabric topped with fabric covered head restraints all with no damage. The twin bucket style rear seats and colour keyed shag pile carpet is perfect. All the headlining is tight and clean, all the gauges including the quartz clock operate as does the three speed heater fan. The seat base fabric is a little slack. The boot area including carpet and spare wheel are as new. This car really is a beautiful, unspoilt place to be and exactly how Ford intended. ENGINE & TRANSMISSION The 2.8 litre V6 Cologne engine is a real pleasure. Quiet, smooth and effortless producing 135bhp at 5200rpm this is a true Ford treasure. Electronic breakerless ignition ensures crisp performance and reliability combined with easy maintenance and low running costs. Two treasured owners have ensured this low mileage unit is factory correct. The standard automatic transmission with oil cooling is wonderful. WHEELS, TYRES & BRAKES This Granada it fitted with the factory correct and immaculate 14" alloy road wheels with 185/80 R14 branded tyres all with excellent tread. The hydraulic dual line vacuum servo-assisted self-adjusting brakes with ventilated front discs are surefooted and offer a brilliant progressive feel. HISTORY FILE Purchased new by Mr Alexander Farquhar on the 1st August 1979 from Ford Dealer Stonehaven Motors he owned the car for 29 years keeping it garaged, treasured and used sparingly. Acquired by the second owner Mr Dean Hollywell five years ago after a determined search to find the best, most original and low mileage Ford Granada money could buy. Now being offered for sale for a lucky new owner to fully appreciate a rare piece of Ford motoring history. The Ford Granada Owner's manual is present along with the Ford Audio Booklet. The correct Ford Granada sales brochure supplied when new is also included. Every tax disc from 1980 and numerous old MOT certificates and invoices. All keys are present on Ford key fob and fit all doors, boot and ignition. The vehicle is HPI clear.

Ford Granada 5.0 supercharger v8 (1080p)
Granada v8 supercharged Ford 5.0 302 Windsor from a fox body Mustang Vortech v3 sci Supercharger Aem Ems Tko 600 transmission Fully Exhaust no cats more photos and info http://www.garaget.org/?car=35763

Ford Granada '82 Showroom-Video Pt.1
German Showroom-Video from the original VHS-Tape.

【老車傳奇 經典再現】第二集 伯樂的千里馬 Ford Granada 2.8
相信很多朋友對老車懷有憧憬, 但卻因為整理、保養及維修的問題而踟躕不前, 在全新的老車傳奇經典再現單元裡, 我們將會不定期的邀請各式老車的車主, 為大家分享玩老車的經驗, 讓想嘗試老車的新手朋友作為日後玩車的參考。 在第二集的老車傳奇經典再現單元裡, 邀請到富豪房產CEO林全楨為大家分享他的愛車Ford Granada 2.8 GLE, 這部人稱千里馬的車款, 在1980年代是赫赫有名的豪華國產車。 車主林大哥為了紀念自己的父親, 因而購入這部由三部千里馬所整理出來的1985年的千里馬 究竟在整理時有遭遇到什麼困難, 對於林大哥對想入手老車的朋友有何建議, 就請各位跟著阿德一同去了解吧。 Ford Granada 2.8 GLE 千里馬 生產年份:1985年 引擎:2.8升V6 變速箱:3速自排 最大馬力:150匹 / 5800轉 最大扭力:22.3公斤米 / 3000轉 當年售價:75.4萬 【車系簡史】Ford Granada 2.8 GLE 西元1972年, 為了生產能與他牌主管級房車匹敵的車型, Ford Europe整合英德兩方資源, 推出第一代Ford Granada車款。 1977年Ford Europe針對Granada進行首次大改款, 福特六和汽車於同時期將Granada車型導入台灣, 成為與原廠同步導入新車型的首間國產車廠, 由中壢的工廠生產並將車款命名為福特千里馬。 首度在台生產的千里馬, 是福特六和成立後的第四款上市產品, 推出的動力分為2.0L與2.6L兩種排氣量, 但是由於生產數量稀少知名度並不高。 真正被視為經典車款的, 是福特六和與歐洲母廠同步進行引擎替換後的車款, 以高達2.8L排氣量的引擎領先各家車款, 其V6引擎設計更是成為當時的國產唯一。 更換引擎後的千里馬, 可輸出150匹最大馬力以及22.3公斤米的最大扭力, 以不輸進口車款的動力表現受到國道警察的青睞, 雖然3速自排變速箱帶來相當大量的油耗 卻成為手排年代下高級的象徵。 1982年Ford Europe針對Granada外型進行小改款, 採用全新頭燈、尾燈以及保險桿的造型設計, 並以大量的鍍鉻飾條為車身進行裝飾, 在這次的造型改款中, 氣派的鋁合金輪圈以及與M-Benz相仿的波浪式尾燈, 更成為千里馬日後被譽為經典的重點特徵。 除了具備流行的外觀設計, 豐富的科技配備以及原木內裝, 更是當時國產車壇的佼佼者。 幾乎比照歐洲原廠配有的高級配備, 也使千里馬的豪華程度令人激賞。 千里馬在台灣有長達八年的銷售歷史, 期間隨著原廠進行了動力以及外觀的改款, 最後於1985年停產,並導入德國的Scorpio取代。 有稜有角的外型以及強調V6引擎的V-SIX銘牌, 伴隨著極高的身價在1980年代的台灣人民心中, 留下了深刻的回憶。 【老車傳奇 經典再現】強力徵求老車車主 全新單元強力爭求老車車主, 只要有老車且願意分享玩車經驗的朋友, 歡迎與我們報名聯絡, 我們將與您一同向愛車的朋友們分享您的經驗, 您的寶貴經驗將是每位新手玩家的玩車寶典, 敬請不吝分享您的老車經驗。 報名請洽:(02)2823-4643 或來信:austen@auto-online.com.tw(請註明:老車傳奇報名)

Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia 1981
pornind un Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia 1981

Test Ford Taunus 74

Ford Granada 2.9L V6 Turbo Project "Dunderklumpen"
Ford Granada 2.9L V6 turbo with 535hp and 765nm @ 1.45bar of Boost. Stock bottom! Sorry for the bad quality, better camera on it's way! :) This is the first vid of the project, and there is a lot to do until it's done. More to come! Ford Granada 2.9L V6 turbo med 535hp och 765nm @ 1.45bars laddtryck. Orginal bottendel! Ledsen för den dåliga kvaliten, ny kamera är på G! :) Detta är den första videon på projektet, det finns mycket kvar att göra tills det är färdigt. Mer kommer!

Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia, 1984
Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia S, MK III 1984 original


How to have fun with a old Ford Granada.... V8....

Ford Granada 2.3 V6
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форд гранада

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