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The epic final laps of the 2011 ALMS Time Warner Cable Road Race Showcase from Road America. No commentary... just a glorious automotive soundtrack Catch more videos at or Learn about the new GoPro HD HERO® camera at

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IndyCar Series 2017. Road America. Tony Kanaan Hard Crash

Formula One at Road America
Here is an onboard video from the 2012 KIC at Road America. The car is a 1997 Jordan with with a Judd engine instead of the Peugeot that it used in the actual Grand Prix. This was our first weekend with with the car and were astounded with the performance. There were a few bugs as expected but we got everything worked out. In front of me is my dad running a Benetton F1 from the same year, with the same engine. Keep in mind this is not a professional event, nor am I a professional driver. The only goal was to have fun and keep the car in once piece. Enjoy!

VISOR CAM: Tony Kanaan at Road America
Take a few laps around Road America with Chip Ganassi Racing driver Tony Kanaan.