Inner Wheel Bearing Race Removal

How to remove the inner wheel bearing race on front wheel drive cars. Disclaimer: This video is not meant to be a definitive how to.Always consult a professional repair manual before starting your repair.I am not responsible for any problems that you might incur by watching or following this video.

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Pulling wheel bearing race with welder
You don't have to use the temp gun just did it so YOU can see how much heat is put into the hub. Tried this a couple of times, I really like it vs cutting and hammering on the wheel bearing feels so civilized. Takes about 1 minute to tack weld and use the 2 jaw puller to pull the honda wheel bearing race with a impact wrench. Of course it is no good if you don't have a welding machine. If you use a ring it will not fold up over itself compared to just 2 tabs on the sides and I think a small tack weld is enough to pull this race. If you use a ring/washer just small tack welds should be enough to stop the ring from sliding up off the race allowing you to pull it off the wheel hub and will keep heat down. There is some heat but it dissipates very quickly vs using a torch to heat the race but I think if you keep the heat away from the neck it should be ok. I will have to measure how much heat cutting a race puts out. The cordless impact wrench I am using is a Milwaukee 2763-20 M18 Fuel but I am sure most any impact will be able to do this. Question asked why use the laser temperature gun? Some pictures of failed wheel hubs wheel hubs can fail for other reasons like high milage,accidents,corrosion,abuse. Using the laser temp I can measure how much heat am i putting into the hub by welding on it and where that heat is going in the hub. That is why i made really small welds that were also short in length to keep the heat down. I'm not sure ,maybe you can put a lot of heat into the hub without causing problems but if you don't have to use a lot of heat then that is better. First I want to know what kind of heat is created with those small welds and we can see that with the laser temp gun there is not much heat at all and it dissipates very quickly. Hope that makes sense?

Inner Front Wheel Bearing Race removal trick
little trick to pull off the inner race when you are installing new wheel bearings on an E36 M3 without using a press

Bearing race removal
Removing the inner and outer bearing races from a Nissan Hardbody(D21) hub. Like us on Facebook! Check out our products! Behind-the-scenes look at what we do!

Trailer Hub repair
Replacing the bearings on my Boat Trailer hub. I did this video so if i have to fix my trailer bearings on the road i could look up my video to help me remember how to repair it. I have no experience fixing trailers.