Angry little man Road Rage 'do do do'

Camberwell Road Rage incident More road rage video - learner driver causes traffic jam and gets it from another driver

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WORLD'S MOST STUPID DRIVERS! Epic Fails Caught On DashCam 2017
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Road Rage Driver vs Biker - you will not believe the excuse
Aggressive driver tailgates aggressively and overtakes dangerously. When confronted by biker the driver makes up reasons for his dangerous driving. Attack is the best defense apparently. SUBSCRIBE: --------------------------------- My blog: My shop: My Tweets: My FB Page: POV pics: --------------------------------- Intro Music: Kevin MacLeod - "Cantina Blues" Outro Music: Gunnar Olsen "Champ" Rap music: YourRapBeatsTV, Mariont Beats - War Is Hell ---------------------------------

Road Rage, Close Pass, Left Hook, Swearing, Aggresive Driving, - White Van Man
WARNING: I have left the swearing in this video as I feel that it is needed to show how aggressive this driver was. He starts by driving over the hatch markings and passing me too close and then proceeds to left hook me. At the roundabout I pull along side him and simply tell him that he'll be on YouTube later after which he goes into one. He says I was on the left, I was actually in the middle, he says I didn't stick my arm out, true, but I was going straight ahead so how and why would I indicate this. He then starts swearing and getting aggressive. He starts to get out of his van, and in view of his aggressive state I genuinely feel that he is going to thump me, so I quickly try to cycle away, narrowly missing a van on the roundabout. He spins his wheels and drives straight at me forcing me to mount the pavement to get out of his way. I road-safed this the day it happened, and apart from the standard "Thank you for your email, we'll look into it" I have had nothing back, so I have decided to make this video Public. Before I did, I showed the footage to a serving Met Police Officer who said "F***ing Hell, report it". I will also be emailing my MP and ask if he can take this up with the Met, as they clearly think that this is acceptable behavior.

BRAND NEW Stupid CRAZY Angry People Vs BIKERS Road Rage Compilation and Motorcycle Fails 2017
The BRAND NEW Stupid CRAZY Angry People Vs BIKERS Road Rage Compilation and Motorcycle Fails 2017