87 firebird 2.8 V6 stock exhaust

(old video, see new one) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br_Z_eZ0ykM

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my 1987 pontiac firebird 2.8 v6
just a walk around of my 87 pontiac firebird 2 12 inch digital audio subs in the back with custom boxes 1800w kenwood amp that pushes 500w to each channel 500 K capacitor xenon HID headlights spectre air filter with chrome elbow pipe acts like cold air intake hatchet man and thrush decals on rear window "juggalo" and spectre decals on front windshield Custom Rear 50/50 bucket solid back rear seat covers cheap seat covers in front custom Exhaust built by discount muffler in mnt home idaho

1987 pontiac firebird 2.8L v6
this is my dads project/daily driver heres the story behind this car one day while walking around my neighborhood i saw it in a good family friends drive way with forsale signs i told my dad about it and he said he wanted to look at it well we looked at it and called the guy up he said it was his brothers car the body damage was because he was a drunk driver and always tore the car up well what happened was he died (he owned the car since new) and kept having it fixed every time he destroyed it) the last thing he destroyed was the original 2.8L v6 this car has a brand new engine in it with only about 2k on it we got the car for 400 bucks and the work began and is still going on its a fun car to drive and we are happy we got it for a great deal :)

Camaro v6 2.8T
Last of the footage of the insanly fun turbo Camaro befor she died, 2.8 v6 homemade turbo setup ! Funnest car in the world !!!

Pontiac Firebird 1992 3.1 V6 - Walkaround
This is my 1992 Pontiac Firebird 3.1L V6. The engine is still cold (~+60°C) and the environment temperature is around +5°C. The car didn't move for a month, so a lot of condensate comes out of the mufflers. The Dynomax "Super turbo" Exhaust system is brand new. In the upper right of the engine bay is a cold-start regulator (the odd black box), which is necessary to reach "EURO-2" and to save tax.