Crail evo vs lambo 2nd Try (Rate Your Opinions Please)

Crail Raceway Evo vs Lambo 2nd try!!!

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Lambo vs Evo
Попробуй угадать кто выиграл :)

TEXAS STREETS Drama - TT Lambos vs 3Dx Evo Grudge Races
TX STREETS DVD - From the TX STREETS DVD - After running into a pair of UGR Lambos a couple nights before and not getting a run in with them, the driver of the 3Dx Evo was determined to see what his car could do against the street beasts, as you can see, there was no doubt in their mind that they would dominate the streets of Texas once again in 2013. For this footage and more, make sure to order the TEXAS STREETS DVD at Green Lambo is 1250hp Black Lambo is 1000hp on pump gas 3Dx Evo is 900hp on pump gas

GTR R35 VS EVO 10 VS LP560 SUPER CARS AND SPORT CAR IN UAE STREET RACE NISSAN GT-R R35 Super silent hks Y pipe + Trust catback+Trust Intake filter+T1R Down pipe. 3.8L V6 vs Mitsubishi EVOX Exhaust + intake filter +Intercooler AMS+ ic pipe + red turbo + cams + tune. 2.0 L VS LAMBO GALLARD Lamborghini LP560-4 2010 ( 5.2-liter V10 ) 560HP نيسان جيتي ار

Crail March 2010 Vid 1of3 External Clips
Crail 14th March 2010. Cars in this video.....Green 200sx S14, White Pulsar, Skylines; R33 GTR, R33 GTSt, R34 GTT, R35 GTR, Scoobys; White, Yellow, Black, Black (no spoiler) Blue 'No.5', Silver Wagon, Evos; Yellow, Red, VW Golf turbo, Go-Kart, Black Civic, Silver BMW M3, Daihatsu Charade, Blue MR2t, BMW 1.9 3series, Saxo, VXR Astras x2 and the 3 Bikes (not up on my bikes i'm affraid!)