How to build a small and simple diorama.

I made this tutorial to show you how you can build a nice diorama with basic techniques and in a short time. It took me 3 days, althogether about 1-2 hours of pure working. I hope you like this video style, please tell me your opinion about it. The diorama is called "I love the smell of coffee in the morning" and shows a scene in Libya (March 1941). It shows a German Panzerkampfwagen I B and it´s crew. Music: Far Cry (Pc game)

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Diorama - Spring in Japan ミニチュア春の風景作り
How to make a Diorama. Spring in Japan ジオラマ作り ミニチュア春の風景 なかなかよい桜が手に入ったので100円ショップで購入し た発泡スチロールとMDF板をベースに春をテーマにしたジ オラマを作ってみました。 動画ではカットしてありますが電車と車にもタミヤのウ ェザリングマスターで汚しをいれています。 ◆ Diorama - Miniature Shinonome Laboratory ジオラマ 日常ミニチュア東雲研究所作り ◆ Diorama - Miniature Christmas Tree Farm ミニチュア冬の風景作り クリスマスツリーの出 作業をする人たち ◆ Diorama - Autumn Countryside ミニチュア秋の田園風景作り ◆ Diorama - Halloween 2015 ハロウィンのジオラマ作り ◆ Diorama - A shopping street in front of a train station ミニチュア昭和の駅前商店街作り ◆ Diorama - Miniature Japanese Summer Beach ジオラマ ミニチュア海水浴場作り ◆ DIORAMA COLLECTION Playlist. ジオラマコレクション再生リスト 【Please Subscribe チャンネル登録はこちらです】

Stripcutter for miniatures
Here is a very useful tool for cutting very even strips of cardboard; for making models from scratch.

HOW TO: Make a small (diorama) base (2)
This time I'll show you how to make a quick base for a tank or armoured vehicle, using quick setting polyfilla. You can have the base ready in less than an hour.. :) :) Materials needed: Your favourite type base Polycell Multi Purpose Quick Drying Polyfilla (or a similar brand of your choice) Paper or cloth A stiff brush Various paints Any diorama materials of your choice The polyfilla should be readily available at any DIY store and / or most supermarkets. Music: Rocky top, by Jason Shaw @

Easy and Cheap Diorama Water Effects Tutorial Part 1
My long over-due water effects tutorial that people have been asking for months about as a result of the HMS Hood diorama, I hope I've contributed to the modeling community with this!