How to build a small and simple diorama.

I made this tutorial to show you how you can build a nice diorama with basic techniques and in a short time. It took me 3 days, althogether about 1-2 hours of pure working. I hope you like this video style, please tell me your opinion about it. The diorama is called "I love the smell of coffee in the morning" and shows a scene in Libya (March 1941). It shows a German Panzerkampfwagen I B and it´s crew. Music: Far Cry (Pc game)

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How To Make a Small Diorama Base
Music: Kevin MacLeod In this video I'm gonna show you a tutorial how to make a small diorama base Tags: "Space Marine" "Warhammer 40K" "Machinima" "Inside Gaming" "Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine" "Warhammer 40k Space Marine" "Warhammer" THQ VGR "Video Game Review" Lawrence Sonntag "Devastator Class" "Tactical Class" "Assault Class" "Chainsword" "Captain Titus" Mark Strong "Orks" "Killing Orks" "Decimating Orks" "Dismembering Orks" "Multiplayer" "Ultramarines" "3rd Person Shooter" "Machinima Realm" "Machinima Respawn" "Machinima Sports" "ETC" "Entertainment Tech Culture" "how to" ork orcs goblin looted wagon tank blood angel empire new blood angels black templar captain commander ultramarine dark vengence assault on black reach 6th edition rules rule "Halo: Reach (Video Game)" "How-to (Conference Subject)" "Video Game (Industry)" conversion scratch built build glue evil sunz ork goff white dwarf bad moons blood axes mini miniature wash shade layer base glaze review hobby knife gamesworkshop warcraft war bommer bomma bomba dakka dakka dakka jet terminators blitza bomba burna floock terrain tutorials dreadnought nob lootas old citadel paintings golden demon army on parade waaagh flesh orks goblin warship ship war grots mega tank painters demons minipainterv minipaintingv clanrats skins green model airfix revell tamiya 1/72 1:72 1:35 1/35 tamiya review building

Easy and Cheap Diorama Water Effects Tutorial Part 1
My long over-due water effects tutorial that people have been asking for months about as a result of the HMS Hood diorama, I hope I've contributed to the modeling community with this!

Kit review: Zoukei Mura Sd.Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad in 1/32 scale
Please activate the English subtitles if you do not understand German. Da ich mich ein wenig mehr mit Flugzeugmodellen in den Maßstäben 1/48 und 1/32 beschäftigen möchte, schaue ich mich auch etwas mehr bei den Zubehörteilen um, besonders wenn es um den Dioramenbau geht. Die Kettenkräder waren oft auf Flugplätzen anzutreffen, deswegen kam mir der Bausatz von Zoukei Mura gerade recht! Dieser Hersteller genießt ja geradezu einen legendären Ruf, deswegen wollte ich mal selbst sehen, was es damit auf sich hat. Der Bausatz ist sehr einfach und clever aufgebaut, die Details sind gut wiedergegeben. Trotzdem wirkt so manches etwas veraltet, Tamiyabausätze aus den 80ern sahen eigentlich genauso aus. Trotzdem ist es ein guter Bausatz, der schnellen Bastelerfolg verspricht. 20€ sind auch ein angemessener Preis. Facebook-Seite des Kanals: I intend to get a bit more into aircraft models in 1/48 and 1/32 scale, so i keep an eye on accessory parts, especially ones useful for diorama building. The Kettenkrad was a common sight on airfields, so the kit by Zoukei Mura was a nice option. This brand has an almost legendary reputation, so i wanted to see myself. The layout of the kit is pretty simple and clever, the details are nicely represented. However, somehow it looks a bit outdated overall, Tamiya kits of the 80s have a similar look. Anyway, it is a good kit that promises a quick success. 20€ are a fair price. Facebook page of the channel: I used music from the Youtube audio library for this video. Music: "Hungry for disaster" by "Silent Partner" "Up above" by "Letter Box"

Making a City Ruined Building From Nothing
This is a practice session where I make a city ruined building from just pieces of wood and plaster. It turned out good. Enjoy.