How I Heat My House For Cheap In Canada Part 2

unusual heating using a waste product, a technical look at how it works. More of my heating videos found here.

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Waste oil burner heater
my homemade waste oil burner in process of development and improvement .

Free Energy 100% Vertikal Windmill
Dieses Projekt ist aus abfall entstanden.Alles reste aus dem schrottkontainer. So haben die teile doch noch eine sinnvolle funktion gefunden:-)

****READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING***** (You probably won't, but anyway....) Home made tube bender made from a couple of belt pulleys and scrap steel. Doesn't look like much but works just fine. Build cost $10. I didn't NEED to make this tube bender. I didn't NEED to bend tube. I saw a video of a home made tube bender and thought I'd make one just for the sake of it, It will only bend aluminium tubing. It won't do large diameter tubing. You can buy proper tube benders cheap. This was just a bit of fun. I have only bent 2 pieces of tubing so far using this contraption. The one shown in the video and one before that. Hope that helps.

Gas Bottle Wood Stove Heat Exchanger
A heat exchanger i made out of 3 20 pounds propane gas bottles. It heats my garage. Check out my channel please.