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Shotgun for Home Defense Reality Check
You can miss with a shotgun. If you are going to use a shotgun for home defense you need to understand it's capabilities. Paul offers practical advice for using a shotgun to defend your home. Book Link: Watch Full Episodes:

Israeli Shooting Technique - Best Unchambered Carry
My friend, "D", a former Israeli military firearms instructor, and Israeli S.W.A.T. and Anti-Terror officer, demonstrates key elements of The Israeli Shooting Technique. While this method is effective for all types of carry, it specifically eliminates the disadvantages of carrying a semi-auto pistol WITHOUT a round in the chamber. D covers grip, stance, one-handed reloads/shooting in this video as well as rifle shooting and moving.

Cruiser Ready: How to Store A Home Defense Shotgun
How to safely store a shotgun in a condition that still allows it to be easily used for personal protection at home. Details on the shotgun used in the video: Be sure to check out our whole series on defensive shotguns on the Lucky Gunner blog: And we've got plenty of shotgun shells in stock, too!

ARegularGuy90 Interview