Nascar Crashes clip 4

Crashes from a GAME called Nascar Racing Season 2003!

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Nascar Crashes clip 5
New car,new crashes

Nascar Crashes clip1
Nascar,race of speed and G-power

Nascar Racing Season 2003 Wrecks Crashes and Close Calls
Its been 4 years according to Youtube since I have done one of these. I got a new computer recently that runs old games amazingly so I thought why not?

NASCAR 2011: The Game Crash Apocalypse 1
Enjoy the crashes and the flying of debris! Update: Wow, 500,000 views. I surprised I got this many views in general, let alone just one video. Thanks for watching my videos and I hope to make more for a while to come. Credits: Crash Apocalypse Playlist: Crash Apocalypse 2: Crash Apocalypse 3: Crash Apocalypse 4: Songs Used: Cake- Going the Distance Montley Crue- Kickstart My Heart