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Crashes from a GAME called Nascar Racing Season 2003!

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New car,new crashes

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Nascar,race of speed and G-power

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Please Comment and Rate. I don't know why, but my Camera Control Master wasn't working for this one, so to make up for it, I did some experimenting with HD and it looks great. Hope you enjoy. NASCAR Racing Season 2003 brings the intensity, grit, and roaring sound of NASCAR to the PC. This 2003 incarnation of Sierra's 10-year old series is once again built by Papyrus, the first name in racing simulation fidelity. It doesn't disappoint. NASCAR Racing Season 2003 features 23 venues including all the real-world tracks in the Winston Cup series, every major driver, and all the licensing NASCAR is famous for. There's advertising everywhere, from M&Ms to Cingular Wireless and AOL, but that only makes the game look more realistic. True to the NASCAR Racing legacy, this isn't an arcade racing game. You can crank the realism settings up and expect to race in all the qualifying rounds to determine your place in the opening pack for the race itself. You can set the physics to perfectly model the real world, where you have to fight your car every step of the way. Set the AI to maximum and you'll have to battle for every inch of track space. You can even tweak the tire pressure and brakes, and set how your pit crew behaves. It's a race fan and grease monkey's dream come true. Less hardcore fans have the option of dialing down the realism settings. You can add a green line to the track showing the ideal route, let the computer help you with traction, steering, and braking, and even set unlimited fuel and unbreakable cars. Admirably, Papyrus puts you in charge of your NASCAR experience. The graphics are decent, better than last season but behind the curve when compared with other games. Cars look good up close, and the sense of speed is extremely realistic. The sun glints in your windshield and the smoke effects are impressive. But farther way, even at the highest detail settings, there are problems with shimmering and jagged lines around cars and objects. The audio is perfect, from the pit crew giving advice to the roar of the engines; it's all very convincing. NASCAR may look like a crowd of cars all turning left but in reality it's split second timing, daring, and skill. It's not easy riding an oval for 20-200 laps at high speed with little margin for error, or passing a crowd of 10 two-ton vehicles all hurtling along in excess of 170MPH. This game perfectly shows just how hard NASCAR racing can be. One word of caution before you get the green light: the keyboard or a game pad will let you play reasonably well, but you'll never take the checkered flag without a good force feedback steering wheel. --Bob Andrews nascar 2003 mods nascar 2003 tracks nascar racing 2003 nascar 2003 season nascar 2003 pc nascar thunder 2003 cheats nascar 2003 game online nascar games nascar 2003 setups nascar racing 2003 patch nascar thunder 2003 game nascar nascar game online nascar history nascar 2003 cd key nascar 2003 patch nascar 2003 windows 7 nascar online game free nascar games nascar pc game nascar racing 2003 cars nascar racing 2003 season nascar racing 2003 downloads nascar 2003 racing season nascar 2003 downloads nascar 2003 season mods nascar racing 2003 pc nascar 2003 pc game nascar racing 2003 mods nascar 2003 racing car games for pc papyrus nascar 2003 nascar racing 2003 season mods nascar 2003 cheats best nascar game nascar for pc nascar 2003 download nascar simulator game nascar.cim nascar schedule nas nascar tickets nascar games online nascar the game 2011 nascar 2003 crashes nascar racing 2003 season downloads nascar 2011 the game nascar games nascar racing games nascar online nascar thunder 2003 soundtrack car games for kids nascar 2003 cars nascar on fox download nascar 2003 dirt bike games nascar driving experience nascar the game 2003 nascar 2003 nascar schedule nascar 2003 no cd patch nascar racing 2003 pc game nascar racing season nascar cars nascar sim racing nascsar nascar store nascar racing nascar game car games for boys lightning mcqueen games hot wheels games nascar race 2003 nascar racing 2003 season pc free online nascar games nascar 2003 mod nascar racing 2003 season download y8 car games nascar 2003 demo free online car games nascar games racing nascar racing game nascar season 2003 nascar racing 2003 season mods download bristol motor speedway nascar nationwide schedule richmond international raceway game nascar racing nascar racing 2003 completo nascar games for pc play car games play nascar games nascar racing 2003 tracks nascar 2003

Idiots of NASCAR: Vol. 4
Oh yes, baby a fourth montage! Some clips were uploaded individually earlier, but I think quantity is better in this case. Check out My Bro's Series, The Idiots Of Skate 3: Check out my Facebook Page: 0:00 More Cowbell 0:15 Tony & Danica 0:37 I Don't Need a Taxi 0:55 Cliff 1:08 Trolling Rusty 1:22 Another One Bites The Dust 1:33 Over 9000! 1:50 Deer 2:09 American Airlines 2:31 Parking Spot 2:55 Annoying Spotter 3:33 Move it Move it 3:41 Danica's Wrecked Car 4:24 Numan Numan 4:48 ProStreet 5:02 Through the Fire and Flames 5:14 President of Jelly Beans