Chevy Dodge Ford Half Ton Straight Pipes

1995 Ford- 5.0 302 Hi Flow Cat to 3" straight pipe to dual 2.5" tailpipes 4" tips 1998 Chevy- 5.7 350 Vortec Stock Cats True Dual Straight 2.5" piping to 4" tips 2001 Dodge- 5.9 360 Hi Flow Cat to Y to 2.5" straight piping to 4" tips

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Open Headers High School's Reaction!
I put my longtube headers on my 71 F100 and didnt have my Exhaust ready so I decided to drive my truck to school on open headers as a little "suprise" for my friends because they had no idea I did this. Leave a like if you enjoyed it and subscribe for future videos! - CHECK OUT MY COUSIN MICHAEL'S KILLER '69 Mustang FASTBACK PROJECT!!! - iNSTAGRAM @thecraig909 @carrnagge - MY GOOD FRIEND NEIL'S ART - - -My first start and drive - - Header install-


Tug o war Chevy vs Dodge
Trash talkin started all this lmfao

Dodge vs Chevy ( drag race )
Both trucks are 2003's, he has the smaller motor for that model and I have the bigger one, the 5.9L magnum.