Exo Concept EXO - the new age jet ski

the EXO bends two traditional rules of jet ski: prone to ride, instead of seated or standing, and it is earth-friendly electric powered. lets just say that on the aesthetic perspective it definitely scores for its aerodynamic low profile design... more on tech/gadget lifestyle at http://tech.mikeshouts.com/

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Jetovator training 3- Flight training
This video covers basic flight skills for operating the Jetovator. It is intended for reference only. Jetavation Inc. strongly recommends that anyone operating the Jetovator take a training course through a factory certified training facility. To find your local training facility contact Jetavation Inc. at www.jetovator.com or ask your local distributor.

Testing the Seabreacher X
This video is a very extensive review of the Seabreacher X model from the people of Giz Mag (Mike Hamlon). Special thanx to Mike as well as to the crew at Gemini in Thialand.

Verticopter Part 1
The Verticopter is now offered for free! Click below to download it and try your hand at flying it FOR FREE! http://tinyurl.com/freeverticopter

FOX40: The Seabreacher
http://www.fox40.com - Winner of a 2012 Northern California Regoinal Emmy for Feature News Report- Light. The Seabreacher is a submersible watercraft built by Redding-based Innespace Productions. They took us out on Whiskeytown Lake to demonstrate what these impressive machines can do. Reporter: Sabrina Rodriguez Photographer: Chris Nelson Full article: http://www.fox40.com/news/headlines/ktxl-news-dolphinboats,0,3414030.story