4 kicker 12" L7's chevyhoe08

3 new model kickers 12" L7's, one more to go and i will have all matching subs. just a lil demo. i was bored. please comment. thanks for watching.

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tula tamaulipas 4 kicker l7 15" 12 6x9 kicker etc!!!
chevrolet tahoe 4 kicker l7 15" 12 6x9 kicker etc etc!! arriba tula!!!!!! instalacion echa x io ja eder omar garcia!!!! tula tamaulipas mexico.

The Extreme Build pt 2
Kicker warhorse project ---more being done each day but here is where we are as of now..enjoy...subscribe to see more

4 l7 15s 4 playin at 1 ohm

Music @ 157.4db - Neill Barber Bass Race
(24) 10" Kicker L7's doing their job. Inside view of a Bass Race fun run of 157.4db on music. I know it appears different subs are moving at different times but that is due to the camera not able to capture enough frame rate to keep up. Second half of the video is slowed down and the music is off time. Sorry bout that!