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'Quantum Leap' at Santa Pod raceway 2004

Part 2 here; http://youtu.be/UccPHV1fKJc Short extract from my 'Quantum Leap' Diaries - a video of practice runs of 'Quantum Leap' and other cars filmed on a hot summer's day back in 2004. The practice day is as it sounds - a day of practice, shakedown and qualifying runs to ready the cars and the drivers for the next day of hardcore competition. At the time of filming Spencer Tramm was the owner and driver of 'Quantum Leap' but has now sold it on for other projects since this video was made. The large black car was from Sweden and had driven over for the competition. On one of its runs you can see it snapping a drive belt (probably the Supercharger belt)


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Bug Jam 21 (2007)
Bug Jam 21 DVD. Copyright http://www.zeontv.com http://www.quartermilehigh.com

USC 2013 at Santa Pod Raceway
This year's Ultimate Street Car was set to be a scorcher and it didn't disappoint with three days full to the brim with cars, live music, insane stunts and madness. Whether you were a Santa Pod regular or losing your "Pod V Plates" you were bound to be entertained from morning til night and for some through until morning again! http://www.ultimatestreetcar.co.uk

Festival of Power 2013 at Santa Pod Raceway
An action packed Easter weekend of family Drag Racing entertainment including European Nitro Funny Car series, Jet Car Shootout and National Drag Racing. Plus all things powerful off track including monster trucks, stunts, displays and more. Find out more at http://www.santapod.co.uk

HUGE thanks to Dave MDM Manning from Streetfighters Magazine for looking after us at Santa Pod. The only man in history to rock up to an English drag strip on a cold day wearing shorts. Results here http://eurodragster.com/santapod/live/2011extremeperformancebikeweekend/str aightliners_final_results.pdf Entrants here http://www.santapod.co.uk/e_entrylist_extreme08.php

FWD Drag Series 2013 Round 2 - Street Nationals - Santa Pod Raceway
Round 2 of the 2013 Front Wheel Drive Drag Series at Santa Pod Raceway. Find out more at http://www.fwddragseries.co.uk

Santa Pod Mundo da Picaria 2013
Ver em "HD" by Video One TV

AMAZING NIGHT TIME Top Fuel Dragsters - Santapod
-=Santapod=- top fuel racing, a mix of night time and day time racing from santa pod 2011 FIA finals (September)

Santa Pod Mayday Springnat's 1990 part 5
drag racing Santa Pod, England... Monday 7th May 1990

Best Of 2012 Worlds Fastest Postman Pat Van - Includes Santa Pod Runs.
Please Like Us On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/postmanpatvan This video includes unseen video from Santa Pod and Shakespeare County Raceway. Best ET so far is 12.0 seconds at 101mph Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/postmanpatvan Website: http://www.patvan.co.uk Check Out My Second Channel: http://www.youtube.com/iTomHazard Follow Me On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/iTomHazard Music: BastRad - Drive : http://www.facebook.com/bastradmusic Massive thanks to Zeon TV and www.quartermilehigh.com for the awesome footage from the 2012 Hot Rod Drags DVD. ( 03:11 - 03:28 ) Wizards Of NOS FDP (Factory Developed Parts) Triple XXX Bike Breakers Big Little's Rod and Race Shop Also thanks to Santa Pod Raceway, Shakespeare County Raceway and our local track York Raceway for giving us somewhere to play,

POV of Rover 216 GTi rear suspension in use
Point of view shot of suspension and wheel in action. Bolted the Crocolis HD Action-cam to a Rover rear anti-rollbar (sway bar) to see how it handled NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) which it did quite well. The car in question is my 1992 Rover 216 GTi with the Honda 130 bhp DOHC 16 valve engine. Yes - I know my alloys are a bit flaky but it's all being restored soon. (Videos to follow) Audio on the Crocolis is much like any other action camera - a bit rubbish so couldn't use it on here. So I bolted my Zoom H2 with wolf-windshield to the rear towing eye using a 'magic arm' and recorded the Exhaust in stereo at high quality mp3 Probably a bit long but I like watching suspension reacting to road surfaces in real-time. Going to need to replace all the rubber bushes with urethane set. Lots of rubber on these R8 Rovers. I'll video the front suspension next week sometime. As the camera was attached to the anti-rollbar, it rotates slightly which is direct result of the ARB doing its job and twisting. Might go for another 'take' but attach the camera somewhere solid relative to the suspension. Camera clamp is a USA Gear bike/motorbike camera clamp. Very strong and it stayed in place despite the harsh camera environment.

VW's Leaving GTi Spring Fest 2014
Just a poor quality video on my phone of cars leaving santa pod...

Das Drag Day #8 Bitbug 2010 VW Corrado 1/4 Meile Silver Bullet Dragster - Schnellste Zeit
Das Drag Day #8 Bitbug 2010 VW Corrado 1/4 Meile Silver Bullet Dragster Schnellste Zeit beim DDD#8 8,8s @ 250 km/h FULLA GROFFD Drag-Racing-Team Kraftkaefer

More advice when buying a second hand turbo
This is a more detailed look at the Garrett T2 turbo as fitted to several Peugeot-Citroen diesel models (with conventional injector pump) during the late 80's right up to the early noughties. This example is a T2 as fitted to a 1997 Citroen Xantia 1.9 TD with the 92 bhp XU D9 engine. There are several variants of the XU diesels/turbo-diesels depending on the model year and country/market the car was going to be sold in. Most 1.9 TD's were 90 BHP but there were also low-pressure turbo variants too. I'm not going into all the different versions as this video (and the other related vids) is just an advisory on what to look out for and what to check if you're buying a second hand or pre-owned turbo that's already removed from the engine. Basically you need to ensure there is no 'tell-tale' wear contact marks on the housing around the compressor blades. As you'll see from the video, the clearance between the blade tips and housing is approximately diameter of a human hair. Blades should be intact, with no bits missing. Some slight pitting to the edges is normal after many miles but excessive pitting, or rough edges means it's had a hard life and you should realsie that those bits of blade have been ingested through the turbo and into the engine (important if you're buying engine with turbo). It goes without saying that any missing blades or signs that the compressor is contacting the housing means the turbo is trash. You should be able to spin the compressor by hand. It should feel smooth with no discernible lateral movement or roughness to the bearings. If there's excessive oil deposits around the compressor intake then be aware that old turbos with failing oil seals allow oil to enter the intake/Intercooler and engine. This oil can be drawn into the engine via leakage past the seals and bearings of the shaft thus into the intake system or into the Exhaust stream. Some oil misting into the intake system is normal but excessive amounts to the point where oil drips out whenever Intercooler hoses are disconnected means a turbo that's well past its sell by date. Having said that, I've seen really high mileage units pass soot/smoke tests at MOT time quite easily. Some owners have reported to me that their XU TD's managed to go for huge mileages before turbo trouble. I guess it all depends on how the car is driven and maintained. The XU diesels don't like extended oil service intervals. The official mileage is 6000 miles/6month. I've got a 'black museum' of prematurely worn and broken engine parts due to owners not servicing their cars. On the XU TD's, lack of oil changes can clog the small plastic 'filter screen', score main and big-end bearings, cause wear to the turbo shaft and seals and cause carbon build up around the tops of the pistons and clog up the piston rings. Bits of carbon and baked deposits then find their way around the engine with expensive results. The information in these videos should be treated as basic checks. Of course, a turbo-rebuilder is the best place to buy a replacement turbo as they offer guarantees etc but obviously you'll pay for the service. However if you do want to risk buying a second hand turbo then hopefully my videos will help as the old saying 'Forewarned is forearmed' applies. The advice can also be applied to any turbo - petrol or diesel since they all work on the same principle. HOWEVER some modern units don't have traditional wastegates but variable nozzle (VNT) activated by ECU controlled actuator. VNT's weren't used on the XU TD's but they're in common use now on many makes of turbo-diesel.

GTI Spring Festival at Santa Pod
A montage of some of the runs at the pod before the poor weather set in.

GTi Spring Fest - 2014 (Slideshow)
GTi Spring Fest 2014 Santa Pod Raceway 6th April 2014 Another good show for the GTi Spring Fest crew at santa pod, pitty about the weather...

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2007 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Nitrous: 11.844 @ 118.030
360 Forged ASR, Tires: Drag Radials

2007 Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG : 11.937 @ 118.200
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