Detroit Diesel Straight Piped.. Loaded Heavy

2004 Classic with a Series 60 Goin up a hill loaded with 38 Tonne

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Shifting 13 speed straight piped Series 60 Detroit
Correction - probably about 90k gross. Video from earlier this year I forgot to upload. Freightliner daycab with 330 horse 11.1L Series 60 Detroit, Eaton 13 speed, straight piped. Pulling quad axle dump trailer hauling mortar sand.

140,000lbs up a 10% hill.
this hill is 10% grade, pulling a loaded B-train gross is 144,000lbs. I drive a 2015 volvo with a ISX 15 550hp with a eaton 18 speed trans. I was down to 4th gear at 1200 rpm doing around 20 km/h

Detroit Diesel 12v71 Cold Start and Rev
Start of a 1971 kenworth cab over powered by a Detroit diesel two stroke V12 with two 6-71 blowers and duel 5'' straight pipes. It was about 35*f outside.

MAN EasyStart
The automated MAN TipMatic® shift system incorporates the setting-off aid MAN EasyStart which means setting off on gradients is much easier and therefore safer. When active, the stationary vehicle is prevented from rolling back for up to 2 seconds by maintaining the brake pressure which was last applied by the brake pedal once the brake pedal is released and the parking brake is not applied. When setting off, the service brake is automatically released as soon as the required engine torque is available. In situations where setting off is difficult, the automatic MAN EasyStart feature makes life significantly easier for the driver. MAN EasyStart does away with having to apply the parking brake which uses a lot of pressurized air, e.g. during a hill start or in stop-and-go traffic. Furthermore, as the vehicle will not roll back against the direction of travel during a hill start, there is no danger of rolling into any vehicle behind your own vehicle. Additionally, there is less wear on clutch and gearbox which reduces service costs.