1978 Mustang Cobra II

Progress of my '78 Cobra II. The green and black Cobra is the one my parents bought new. After that its the progress I have made since I bought it. First pictures are from the Craigslist ad. The last pictures are as it curentlly looks.

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Big Cam Cobra II
Walk around of my 78 Cobra II Idleing

Ford Mustang 2 1978 first roll out

Mustang 78 cobra
El Mustang cobra del papa del morro del video jajaj pos chilo el carro Muy pronto veran mi Mustang II coupe 1978 cuando este presentable jajaja

Mustang II / Cobra 1/4 Mile Race
Mustang Cobra race car at Lebanon Valley Dragway in NY. Mustang II are thought to be the worst Mustang ever built but, this one is bad ass.