Rx3 on the Dyno

My Rx3,13B 338rwhp all motor,

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Accidente de Judge Ito en Atco (no audio)
http://www.pistonvsrotor.com - Ocurrido el domingo 16 de julio de 2006, durante evento Pan American Nationals en Atco Raceway N.J. Su dueño y conductor Juan "Judge Ito" Rivas salió ileso.

rx3 dyno video
329 hp @ 12 psi of Boost 444.7 hp @ 22 psi of Boost

Mec. Kany RX-3 SP 13B Turbo, Sporty Dyno
RX-3 SP de Mecanica Kany en Sporty Dyno en el Dia Nacional del Mazda 2011

Motary on RX Performance Dyno breaks SuperCharger Belt
The Boys from RX Performance doing yet another tune on Motary the Morris 1000 with a SuperCharged 13B on Strait LPG.. Low Boost at the momment as we are still doveleping it but it made 220RWHP at 5psi Boost