2011 Mustang GT Twin Turbo 5.0 9.42@150 - World's Quickest Turbocharged Coyote 5.0

We got the project car done just in time to make the Bradenton race. The car features a L&M Longblock, Twin turbo system, Circle D Converter and a stock automatic transmission. This kit will be available by mid 2013. Check Twinturbo50.com for updates.

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8 Second 2015 Twin Turbo Mustang GT
2015 Mustang Gt Hellion twins 6266 turbos, Automatic with Circle D converter, Engine is self built Straight Performance Racing, Full Weight Bmr Lowering springs and cradle lockouts. Frpp half shafts, dss carbon fiber driveshaft, transmission built by Paul Chutz, Tuned by Sai Li

900whp GT 5.0 Twin Turbo Review
Hello everyone, Finally I have the chance to review the fastest car I've ever been in so far. I present you a 900whp Mustang 5.0 Twin turbo from LPF. Texas does not play around when it comes to cars and performance. Join me as we ride in this monster from the Heart of Texas!! turbo Kit: Twin Comp turbo Kit turbosmart Boost Control System E85 Full Fuel System. Twin Fuel Pumps LPF Performance: http://www.lpfbuilt.com/ (281) 734-4389 Soundtrack from Envato.com All rights reserved. Song: Sport by Boomopera Thanks for watching, This is LP-RIPPER24 and I'm out.

STREET SLEEPER 8-Second Turbo Mustang
Walking up to this Mustang there wasn't much to look at until we walked around the passenger side to discover a giant DOWNPIPE sticking out of the bumper, and then we noticed the cage tucked against the a-piller... We HAD TO see under the hood... Talk about a unique setup!  Even after the hood was popped, the simplicity of the setup was unsuspecting for the sub 8-second 1/4 mile time the owner, lance was sharing.  Hidden parachute mount, giant drag radials tucked into the rear, 82mm precision turbo, Rossler transmission, the list goes on.  The car speaks for itself when you see it FLY down the drag strip at Street Car Takeover - Oklahoma City!

Twin Turbo Mustang 1250WHP by Pressurized Solutions
Music: Meet the Monster (Death Race Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Paul Haslinger *****Visit Us At***** http://www.znergytools.com http://znergytools.com http://pressurizedsolutions.com http://bbracecars.com This is a project that was recently completed at Pressurized Solutions. A client came to them to have his stock Mustang cobra equipped with Pressurized Solutions new Stage 3 twin turbo kit. This car is built for the street and produces 1250 RWHP and maintains great drivability. The car is equipped with a 427 SBF fed by twin turbonetics T-76 turbos, ptc converter and trans, FAST engine management and an AMS-100.