How to dissasemble chevy L98 350 TPI engine

The TPI system chevy came out with was pretty sweet and awesome until you put a crazy cam in one and then the computer was like WTF. So for anyone wanting to make some absurd power (like me) has to take the TPI system off and drop a good old carb on it. Turns out, that isn't the most straight forward thing in the world, so I decided I'd make a quick vid on how to correctly remove it without messing anything up.

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Some simple tips and tricks to working on the Corvette L98
It's an 80's transition car. They had some crazy ideas and maybe some lazy tendencies in the automotive world back then. Here are a couple small things you can do to improve the ease of working on the Corvette L98 engine and just maybe...add a little performance and reliability.

GM Corvette TPI L98 Step by Step Injector Swap Video Guide (10 min. video) Better Quality
2 Hour job step by step instructions edited in a 10 minute video.- Special Thanks to Jon Banner at Hi to everyone at !!!!! To meet the 10 min youtube limit the video is slightly sped up.- Thanks,i hope its useful.-

1991 C4 Chevrolet Corvette L98 5.7L V8 Engine 39,222 miles
Video of starting and revving engine, mileage, oil pressure, and warm idle with no smoke, leaks, ticks, or knocks.