Vintage Racing - Ford GT40 Superformance

Chris Ashworth records a Superformance Ford GT40 along with a racing Corvette Stingray, Cobra, and Kyle Petty's Mellow Yellow Nascar. This event was held at Michigan International Speedway, which also consisted of 1950's Indy cars. This was a preview event for the Concours d'elegance of America. Please comment, rate, and subscribe! My Facebook Page - Blog -​m/

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Original Ford GT40 Startup, Overview
I unexpectedly came across an original Ford GT40 at a networking part put on by the people behind the Imperial speedster (see This is said to be the only GT40 still owned by the original owner, and is a right hand drive. Facebook - Blog -​m/ Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Razzi:

800 WHP Ford GT ride
DtRockstar1 takes a ride in an 800 wheel horsepower Ford GT. The Exhaust is insanely loud! Facebook - Blog -​m/ Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Razzi:

Ford GT Wide Open Throttle Accelerations!
DtRockstar1 takes a ride in a VERY loud Ford GT doing some fantastic wide open throttle accelerations. A very exciting ride it was, and the car sounds phenomenal! A HUGE thanks to the owner for this amazing experience! Facebook - Blog -​m/ Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Razzi:

De Tomaso Mangusta - The Only one With a Chevy Engine
Chris Ashworth records a very rare De Tomaso Mangusta. Just 401 were made, and this example is the only one produced with a Chevrolet engine rather than a Ford engine. This car was replaced by the De Tomaso Pantera in 1971. Please comment, rate, and subscribe! My Facebook Page - Blog -​m/