Opel Calibra 4x4 Turbo -- Burnout

mein C20LET mit 280 PS (EDS Phase 2) ......mit abgekoppeltem Allrad bei 4000 u/min

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Opel Calibra 2.0 16v 4x4 Turbo
Opel Calibra burn tires, on AKB STREET STYLE #3 in Kruševac(Serbia). Subscribe for new videos...

Calibra 4X4 Test
Calibra 4X4 VS FORD 3000 Traktor

Burnout EXTREM Golf II Speednation 2009
The best burnout ever on speednation (in 2009) at the end the car runs over 200km/h without "driving" see the training-video if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDpXQsgvnDA

calibra turbo 4x4 C20let GT3582R 0-200kmh 13sec
calibra turbo C20let GT3582R 0-200kmh 12sec with low Boost only 1.4Bar,820 AGT & 10,1AFR !!!Haltech E8