1995 Eagle cars Commercial

A commercial for Eagle cars from 1995, featuring the 1995 Eagle Vision and Eagle Talon

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"The Eagle Test Drive" featuring the 1996 Eagle Vision and Talon
Michael Brockman of Motor Trend fame explains how you the car shopper can inspect and test drive a new car. Surprisingly it's not really about plugging Eagle's cars, but rather what you should check for and test when looking at new cars. Of course, all the things he mentions a good new car should do and have are all things his Eagle Vision test car has and does...

1989 Mitsubishi Eclipse Base Commercial
Hello everyone once again to another car commercial of the past! In today's car commercial, we have the 1988 Mitsubishi Eclipse Base model featured. Let's get into the specifications and a bit of the history of the Eclipse shall we? The first generation Mitsubishi Eclipse was a vehicle made in venture with Diamond Star Motors and Chrysler Motors Corporation which owned a portion of Mitsubishi at the time, made two rebadged models of the Eclipse for these two, of many vehicle brands under its belt; the Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser. So engine and drivetrain components were virtually the same among the three vehicles. The base 1988 Mitsubishi Eclipse had a 1.8 Liter, Inline 4 cylinder engine, that produced 92 horsepower at 5000 RPM. Fuel mileage for the base Laser was good at 21 MPG city, 29 MPG Highway. The top of the line GS turbo trim came with a 2.0 Liter, Inline 4 cylinder, turbocharged engine that produced a whopping 195 horsepower. Base price for the 1990 Laser came in at $10,397, as shown in the commercial. You could say it was a somewhat modestly priced car for its time when the price is adjusted for inflation in today's money. So if you wanted a somewhat modestly priced vehicle with stylish good looks, good performance and Japanese quality, then the Mitsubishi Eclipse for 1989 was the vehicle for you. There are many more old car commercials uploaded on my channel and many more to come, so check my channel often for more videos! (Disclosure: I do not own this old advertisement commercial as it belongs to the Mitsubishi Automobile Corporation.)

Dodge Intrepid, Eagle Vision and Chrysler Concorde running footage and features
This is a narrated dealer video showing some of the major features of the 1995 Dodge Intrepid, Eagle Vision and Chrysler Concorde. Three of the cab forward LH sedans from the 1990s. This is when Chrysler Corporation actually made innovative, competitive FWD cars. I do not claim any ownership over the copyrights to this video. It was recorded off the TV around 1995 and I have not seen it anywhere since, so I thought I would share it with the world. This video has not been monetized and therefore I am not earning revenue from it.

1994 Eagle Vision TSi commercial
1993 ad for '94 Eagle Vision TSi