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Bronco II 4x4 Badlands Off Road Video Chubfest 2009

Off Road video clips of 3 Ford Bronco II's, a Jeep CJ-7, and a IH Scout set to music, recorded during Chubfest 2009 at Badlands Off Road Park, Attica, IN.


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Team Bronco II
Team Bronco II defeats the mud once again...

Bronco II Madness
Wheelin the bronco 2 in 2008.

Ford Bronco II taking on all obstacles off road
The sliplock gulch trail as part of Winter on the Rocks just outside of St. George Utah. Bronco II out having fun.

Bronco 2 choptop wheeling
My Bronco II playing in the mud and getting the top cut off!

the bronco win 13.17 in 1/4mile only engine

Bronco II jumping a 20 foot gap, much damage to follow
Bronco II jumping in eastern Pennsylvania

Bronco 2 at anderson mud hole
bronco 2 with 302 and explorer axles


Bronco II Evolution (my barn find...)
Ya another Bronco vid. This is a compilation of the overall progress of the bronco. Before I bought it the thing sat in a field being munched on and crapped in by mice. The guy I bought it from didn't even think the engine was any good but it had a clean title. $300 later it was mine... I fixed a ground wire and a coil and she started... I put about 10 total man hours just into vacuuming...yuck.. And I put several more hours into the thing to get it where it is today... Still gonna cut the roof off this summer.. Should be fun!

Bronco II 4x4 deep mud
Playin in the mud a little with the orange beast!! 1987 Bronco II 4x4 2.9 on 33X12.50 tires sorry about the video quality, I need to get a better video camera

My first car? 1988 Ford Bronco II 4x4
This could be my first car if i can manage to save $1500. 2.9 Fuel injected V6, virtually no miles on new crate motor. Front end has been rebuilt.

Evans Creek 6/14/2009 Bronco II
Evans Creek 4.0L dana 35 broken hub log step 35" boggers set to 5 psi with 8.8" rear end

Arizona 4x4 Off Road Recovery snow recovery part 1.wmv
This was a 2 recoverys in the snow on Four Peaks outside of Mesa,AZ.

Modified Jeep Wrangler vs Sick Ford Bronco II vs Toyota Tacoma Buggy, Off road Evolution
Sliplock gulch trail, a collection of obstacles run just after Winter on the rocks near St. George Utah. Trail was wet, muddy and the obstacles more difficult with the overlying moisture and sandy layers. Ford Broncos were sweet, deep throaty sound, very capable offroad

1985 Bronco II with a 5.4 liter V8
My good friend and mentor built this Bronco II 4x4 using a 5.4 liter engine from a 2002 Lincoln Navigator. The Navigator had 300 miles on it when it was rolled. I brought the engine home from San Diego in early 2003. My friend, who is 75, had been working on the Bronco II for the past 6 years. Everything works. The firewall had to be cut away and moved back and everything was re-welded and retrofitted. The under dash A/C system is the type used in older cars when A/C was a dealer installed option. The transmission is a Ford AOD that had the bell housing welded to the tranny since there are no 5.4 liter AODs for four wheel drives. The AOD was also worked over for maximum durability. The engine came with all the wires cut so my friend made his own wire harness as well as the MAF, which is made from several different units. The Exhaust is a single 4" tube made from a drive shaft that was cut and welded to make the bends. I have watched the evolution of this build over the years and it has a ton of money and time. He did all the work himself under his car port. The Bronco II started out as a 2.9 liter V6, which was then upgraded to a 4.0 V6 with a home made intake manifold with a small Carter/Edelbrock 4 barrel on top. The 4.0 kept shredding the original 4-speed manual transmissions (I killed one, don't tell though) after the third dead transmission he decided to go full retard. He originally wanted to get the engine from a Ford Lightening, but didn't want to give what the yard was asking. A real Hot Rod Lincoln. This build represents over 50 years of hot rod and engineering experience.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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