Trans Am Year One Burt Reynolds Edition Tribute

Walk around and view a spectacular BRE Tribute car.

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Burt Reynolds Edition Tribute Euro Style Florescent Ringed Headlights
Here you can see the dramatic Euro Style headlight conversion on a BRE Tribute car in action.

Burt Reynold "Year One Bandit"
pictures of burt reynolds trans am!

1977 Trans AM Burnout - Bandit Yearone Smokey Pontiac 461 Stroker Dyno Camaro Mustang
The Bandit Is Back!

Kevin's Hot Pursuit for the Trans Am
This was the 3 minute video I created for the Burt Builds A Bandit Contest on They were giving away a fully restored 77 year one built Burt Reynolds edition T/A. I did my best, but came up empty handed. Thank you VanSant Productions, my cast & crew, DIY Network, Year One & Heavy.