Grid Girls Rizla Racing day 2010

BraxRacing met de BraxPromoBabes promodames pitspoezen Grid Girls Paddock Girls tijdeens de Rizla Racing Day 2010 te Assen bij de Aquila CR1 Sports Car en Seat Loen Super met MISS REEF 2010 Cynthia Cremer , Cheryl Maeur en Yentl

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GridGirls during Superleague Formula Zolder
BraxPromoBabes tijdens de Superleague Formula op Zolder bij braxracing voor en de marktplaats voor auto-onderdelen promobabes pitspoezen pitsdames Grid Girls Paddock Girls Cheryl Eva en Miss Reef Cynthia Cremer in latex kleding van Skintight op muziek van DJ Dellacrozz

f1 girls thus to be the uncontrolled pilots
f1 girls thus to be the uncontrolled pilots

DTM - Best of Grid Girls
Beautiful, sexy, hot. The best of DTM Grid Girls. Nothing left to say...

Top 20 Hottest MotoGP Paddock Girls
Top 20 Hottest MotoGP Paddock Girls Social Facebook Link : YouTube Link : Race queen : A race queen or pit babe is a promotional model found as part of a pit crew in certain kinds of motor racing, such as F1 races. Under a race queen (also Race Queen, pit babe or umbrella or Paddock-Girl) is understood as a hostess that as an integral part of the track personnel in motorsport is used for promotional purposes. Their official task is on the so-called Starting grid to hold an umbrella over the driver, while working on his vehicle still respectively a sign with his immediately before the start of the race bib number to present. Moreover, they come after the races even at award ceremonies for use. History : The first usage of promotional models in motor races was during the late 1960s. It was then that the term race queen was coined. Prior to that, women in motor races were mostly wives and girlfriends of drivers and staff, with the exception of some who were drivers. In 1983, the sun tan lotion company Hawaiian Tropic sponsored the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The company brought its models over from the United States to appear on the racetrack before the race began. These models wore bikinis bearing the company's name. A year later, that practice was imported over to Japan for the Suzuka 8 Hours motorcycle race. In Japan : In Japan, race queens are often regarded as idols varying only by the motor sport event they appear in. The average age for these girls is late teens to early twenties and demand for them wanes with age. It is not unusual for some of them to have a background in or a sideline career as a gravure idol. Race queens who operate in prestigious events and with a large fanbase can also be found at automobile shows purely to draw crowds where they are nearly as important an attraction as the cars or electronics products that they are promoting. There is a magazine dedicated to them called Gals Paradise. In other countries : The models, referred as "grid/pit girls" in Europe, are very common in many series worldwide. In the United States, they are referred to as "Umbrella Girls". Furthermore, because of the manner of dress of these models, insurance companies regard the models as a safety hazard because of stringent dress codes imposed in the garage and pit areas by many sanctioning bodies; in New Jersey, the stringent dress codes effectively ban the models. In DTM and some other events, organizers have started to recruit male models as in startlines, mostly on female drivers' cars. The Korean term for a race queen is a "racing model" (레이싱모델). Racing models appear in motor shows and racing events. In Thailand, "pretties" and they are used extensively at events ranging from the Bangkok International Motor Shows to minor events such as openings of shopping centers. There are businesses dedicated to recruiting and providing pretties for events, classifying them into several categories according to skills and experience. While the use of hostesses in the pit area in some European countries considered to be rather lower activity and with pejorative be occupied terms like "Boxenluder", for example, the Japanese race queens (レースクイーン, Resu Kuin) highly respected assistants of the race organizers. Source : Source : .org/wiki/Grid-Girl&prev=search Music : Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: