1995 Honda Accord AEM Short Ram Intake and Megan Racing strut bar INSTALLED

New AEM short ram intake and Megan Racing front upper strut bar for my 1995 Honda Accord. AEM part number: 22-408P Megan racing front upper strut bar part number: MR-SB-HA9497FU 4 Hertz Speakers Model:DCX 165 120W, 6 1/2". Kenwood Deck: KDC-MP346U 2 12" Hertz Subwoofers Kenwood 1000W Peak Amplifier powering the subs! MPW 106 17" rims wrapped with Champiro 205/40/R17 tires. Lowered 1.7" front Lowered 1.5" rear H&R Sport Springs Tokico Illumina Shocks 5% Limo Tint on back 3 windows Mr Lugnut tuner series lugnuts 95,000km's on the car to date. Have any questions? Leave a comment and I answer them very quickly!

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AEM short ram intake in 1995 Honda Accord Philippines
I brought a short ram intake from the states stuffed in my luggage for my Accord in the Philippines. I did not get the cold air intake system because the Philippines tends to flood a lot and thus would suck water into the engine. I had it installed at an auto shop called Tri-J in Cebu City, this is where I bring my car for maintenance and things so I know the employees pretty well. I also had a strut bar installed. The intake system did exactly what I wanted it to do which was improve the mpg on the old car. There is also slight improvements in low rpm torque, useful in normal stop and go traffic in the city. The engine also shakes less when in idle. The strut bar has definitely improved ride comfort in the rough roads of the city. And when going on tight twisty roads in the country there is less body roll. My old trusty Accord really needed these simple additions just to keep up with its age.

1996 Honda Accord Short Ram Intake Before and After
1996 Honda Accord EX 5 Speed. Intake bought from Ebay for $32. These are the same as higher up brand intakes, just no logo. Here is the link for this item: http://www.ebay.com/itm/400488047992?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageNam e=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Anyone looking for pictures on confusing parts of installation, please view here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hd6yv97tlt4jbpk/AADA5j5a9lUcVmxrh-83GwJra?dl=0