Fatal car crash at airport

Surveillance camera footage released by B.C. provincial court shows the car that crashed into a group of cab drivers, killing one and seriously injuring five at Victoria International Airport on July 29, 2011.

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shocking footage: two demented insane women run in front of oncoming traffic on motorway
Motorway police have had to deal with two women spotted walking down the central reservation of the M6. The women, twin sisters from Sweden, ran in front of oncoming traffic after wrestling with the police. Both women have since recovered. Sophie Hutchinson reports. First broadcast September 2008

Fatal Plane Crash Recorded From Inside The Plane
Shorter version is posted here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64w--j89K34 If you're wondering why I posted the whole video and not just the accident, it's because if you watch the whole thing you can easily put yourself in the airplane and almost feel what they went through. It's definitely worth the 7 minutes of time to get a sense of what happened here and maybe learn something and fly safer as a result. Link to the NTSB accident report: http://www.ntsb.gov/aviationquery/brief.aspx?ev_id=20001214X40670&key=1 Cessna L-19 Bird Dog pilot leaves himself no escape route and crashes killing himself and his friend in the back. He stalls the airplane at least 3 times in the last few seconds of flight and each time it stalls he pulls the stick back. Lets see, I teach my students to add full power and decrease the angle of attack. Since this pilot was already at full power he had only one thing to do to gain airspeed. PUSH FORWARD on the stick. Also his bank angle was about 60 degrees in the last portion of the turn. Stall speed, as indicated on the airspeed indicator, increases with bank angle. This is because in a turn, to maintain altitude, the angle of attack has to be increased by pulling the stick back. The reason for this is the plane loses some vertical component of lift, the amount depends on the bank angle. 60 degrees of bank requires the wing to produce twice the lift, to maintain altitude, as that needed to fly straight and level. Ie: gross weight is say 2300 lbs. 60 degrees of bank means the wing has to produce 4600 lbs. of lift just to maintain altitude, and that assumes the tail is not producing a down force which is almost never the case. Some airspeed is also lost to do this and if you're already at full power then you need to determine if you can push the nose down to maintain airspeed. In this case the pilot was at about 10,000 ft MSL but only a few hundred feet AGL. He had no altitude to spare to accomplish this safely at the bank angle he chose. I believe he could have made the turn to the left and less bank and came out of this terrible situation alive. http://www.ameliaslanding.com/l-19_crash_documents.htm

MAD DRIVERS Worldwide #1 - 17 MAD Videos of Car Crashes (HD Compilation)
View more MAD DRIVERS: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGjx92F3N0ljKunrU5bOp1BFN9onCrL-d All videos were used with the owners' permission! See the end credits. Car crashes in this video are non-fatal. This video is for educational purposes only. Be careful on the road. Drive safely. Keep yourself and others safe. FAIR USE STATEMENT The clips used in this compilation are for non-profit, non-commercial work. No citation here of work by others constitutes any infringement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This clip conforms to all criteria determining the fair and/or scholarly use of citation according to U.S. Federal Law (Sections 107-118 of the Copyright Act; title 17, U.S. Code). In this Part 1, I feature a collection of 17 videos from 8 countries: Australia, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and United States. All videos were used with the owners' permission. See end credits for details.

★ WORST Car Crashes from Around the World (Compilation) ★
MUSIC LINK - http://soundcloud.com/speshein/headache ========================================= Самые зрелищные аварии за Сентябрь 2011 из России.