1807cc Type 1 VW, New Engine Running on Stand for first time, before selling as long block.

New Build 1807cc Type 1 VW Engine, New 87mm Forged Mahle Barrels & Pistons, New Forged Counterweighted 76mm Crankshaft, New Magnesium Block, New Bearings throughout, New Engle VZ-15 Camshaft, New 31mm High Performance Lifters, New Standard Cylinder Heads with stepped & Hemi'd combustion chamber, Zero Deck Height, 9.7 to 1 compression ratio. Runs Great!

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1776 VW test run
1776 just built with 36 Dells and a 110 Engle.

Breaking in Cam and Lifters on 1956cc VW Build.
Cam & Lifter Break in. Engle 110 card says run at 1500-1800 RPM for 20 min's. Spec's: 76mm 4140 Forged Chromoly Crank from CB Performance Engle W-110 Cam, Lifters,& HD Single Springs Uni-Tech Performance Rods - 5.500'' AA 90.5 B Pistons/Cylinders SCAT 1.25:1 Rockers Gene Berg Full Flow Kit Vintage Speed Superflow Exhaust w/ J-tubes Dellorto 40 carbs Bosch 019 Distributor

VW 1835 Engine Test Stand Running
Finished the Engine Test Stand and went through the break in procedure for my new 1835 Engine. Everything went smoothly and the engine is running great. Got the Transmission out and am ready to set up the Hydraulic Clutch line. Making good progress.

2054cc Kombi Engine, New Build. Initial running on Engine Stand Before fitting.
New Build 2054cc Kombi Engine, 2054cc, 94mm Barrels & Pistons, 74mm Stroke Crankshaft. Engle 110 Cam, 1.25 Ratio Rockers, Chromemoly Pushrods, Progressive Twin Weber Carb, Big Valve Empi heads with Hemi cut, Compression set at 9.5 to 1.