Smoke em! twin turbo V8 Torana

Perry Bullivant's twin turbocharged 406ci small block Chev powered Holden Torana was back at Heathcote ripping up the black top.

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Death of a Torana
Not a good way to end the day.....................

Wheels up V8 turbo Torana - Bullivant Automotive
Racing for the first time on 275 radials, Perry Bullivant's Holden Torana was leaving the start line upward running a best pass of 8.10 at 170mph for the day. The car is powered by a 408ci small block V8 Chevy, twin turbo blow through intake and runs on E85 ethanol. APSA Pro Street Shootout Grand Final - Sydney Dragway.

Bullivant Racing V8 twin turbo Torana
Small Block Chev 406ci twin turbo V8 blow through by Bullivant Automotive runs consistent eight second passes at Calder Park.

Calder Park Off-Street Drags - Jan 10th
The first Off-street meet for 2016 at Calder Park was a hot one with temperatures climbing to around 34 degrees. After having a break form drag racing for 12 months, Darren’s 8-second supra was back. Darren had been competing in 1000m events where the Supra had run over 300kph. Darren walked away from this accident, and we hope in time that he can rebuild. Keir Wilson of Willall Racing was over from Adelaide with their developmental GTR. The R35 has had a serious power upgrade including the their own billet block. Mazworx had two rotors out on the day. The Datsun is powered by a methanol 13B using a Bullseye 83 turbo and a GForce clutchless transmission while the Capella’s 13B is Boosted by a GTX42 on E85 and uses a Tremec T56 H-pattern gearbox. Dave’s VT Calais has been setup for the drags with a stock LS1 Boosted by a GT47 at 13 pounds on E85. A 2 speed powerglide and stock rear end put down around 400kw to the tyres. Jimmy’s very clean Lancer EVO is a great example of modifications done well. With 300kws to the wheels on E85, Jimmy almost dipped into the tens by the end of the meet. A BorgWarner Boosted LS2, Terry's HSV Senator ran a best of a flat ten for the day. Calder Park Off-Street Drags - Jan 10th, 2016 Get your track gear! Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Delusion 32 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Artist: