W126 300TD-Engine: OM606.962 24V

OM606.962 24V in w126.

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The OM606 installing. A brigád :D

W126 Diesel turbo 177PS AT 722.6
Пробег 270 тыс. вставляли 1.5 года в 126ой. пробег по украине 6-7 тысяч. АКПП 722.6 родная. АБС АСР. всё работает.

W126 resurrection, video 2.
W126, W126 renovation

Running OM606 with Manually Controlled Electronic IP!!!
I made more progress on getting my OM606 running! This time I ran the PWM controller off of a computer power supply. Otherwise, when the starter was turned off, the battery voltage would increase by 2V, which would cause the rack to increase fuel delivery by quite a bit! That made it almost impossible to keep the engine from running away when the starter was disengaged. An actual electronic controller is fast enough to adapt to the change in rack position so the controller will still be able to run on the car's "12V" system. When I hold up the red wire I've turned off the glow plugs (sophisticated huh?). The engine starts to mis-fire a bit at that point. Hopefully that's because there is air in the fuel lines AND the delivery valves leak (see end of video).