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[2/6] Track Day AIC 13/03/2011 - Racing Art - Lancer Evolution X

Track Day realizado em Curitiba no dia 13 de Março de 2011. Parte 2: Segunda rodada de voltas. Irmão no banco de passageiro zoando a câmera e reclamando de tudo... Sobre-aquecimento do óleo da transmissão na última volta.


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[3/6] Track Day AIC 13/03/2011 - Racing Art - Lancer Evolution X
Track Day realizado em Curitiba no dia 13 de Março de 2011. Parte 3: Terceira rodada de voltas. Irmão assume o volante, faz comentários desnecessários e desperdiça meus pneus... Sobre-aquecimento do óleo da transmissão na última volta. Quem é o "Cupim-de-Ferro" agora, ein? Se acontece contigo é problema do carro, né? Engraçadão...

[1/6] Track Day AIC 13/03/2011 - Racing Art - Lancer Evolution X
Track Day realizado em Curitiba no dia 13 de Março de 2011. Parte 1: Primeiras voltas realizadas no Autódromo Internacional de Curitiba (AIC). Saída de curva já na segunda volta e muitos erros de traçado...

OPTION2 currently being serialized in the popular "Sutasupekkupurojekuto". これは、ダンロップの新作ラジアルタイヤ「ディレッツ ァSPORT Z1 スタースペック」を履いたランエボXで、筑波サーキッ コース2000のラップタイム1分切りを目指すという企画。 This is Dunlop's new radial tire "Sutasupekku Diretsutsa SPORT Z1" I put on my Evo X in Tsukuba Circuit Course of 2000 "aims to cut one minute lap time," said project. 2008年4月号の企画スタートから、車両制作を担当するブ ッツの手により、1分切りマシンを作りあげるべく、様 々なパーツがこのランエボXにほどこされてきた。 Planning started in 2008 from No. 4 Mon, produced by the hands of the Brits in charge of the vehicle, 1 minute作Riagerubeku cutting machine, and various parts of this Evo X has been decorated to. すでに2度の筑波アタックを行い、現在のタイムは1分4秒 727と、ノーマルでのアタックから約2秒短縮。 Tsukuba and the attack of two degrees already, now is the time of one minute four seconds and 727, about two seconds faster from the attack of normal. そして今回3度目となる筑波アタックでは、マシンの性 もさらにアップ。 Tsukuba time attack and three in the second and the performance of the machine up even more. 前回タイムをどれだけ更新できるかが見どころだ。 What is most interesting is how much time to update last time. というわけで、今回JDM-OPTIONとの連動企画でそのタイム タックシーンをムービーでたっぷりお届け。 So, this JDM-OPTION Taimuatakkushin deliver it in a movie lot in conjunction with the planning. はたしてその結果はいかに!!また、スタースペックプロ ェクトの今後の展開はOPTION2で随時報告されるので、そ ちらも見逃すな! The result is surprisingly how!! The Future Development of OPTION2 Sutasupekkupurojekuto is so frequently reported, and a miss and there!

Ultimate Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Sound Compilation
Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/TheMiltos21 The Best Lancer Evolution Sound Compilation. EVO 6s, 8s, 9s & 10s singing while rallying,showing off or launching!

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