Suzuki Samurai racing at Redneck Yacth Club

Memorial day weekend 2010. This driver quickly finds out that the track turns lol.

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No Sweat
Crossing a deep mud hole

Suzuki Samurai on Montalban Race - SORI (Suzuki Off-Roaders Inc.)
SORI (Suzuki Off-Roaders Inc.) Taken at Montalban Rizal, Philippines July 16, 2011 Coach Rod, doing a lap until the unexpected happen.

Mud Life Magazine Issue #12 Cover Truck: Scott Sweat and his "No Sweat Samuari"
During our photo shoot of "Trucks Gone Wild's" 2010 King of Sling Winner, Scott Sweat took his "No Sweat" Suzuki Samurai for a couple runs at Bubba's Mud Ranch. Read All about it in our 2010 June/July Issue

Floating Suzuki Samurai
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