FG 1:5 RC large scale C6R Corvette with Sony A77 video test

testing my Sony A77 camera with the kit zoom len. Tried doing it with my cannon and its impossible to focus. This corvette is not a toy and cost thousands to build and its 34 inches long. Its a full carbon fiber car that is mixed with upper sportsline arms and the rest is basically an evo 08. This car is light and can handle like hell. It can power slide at will with full control. I will be doing my evo video soon and that car is absolutely amazing. The corvette body is by Frank Killam Racing. Awesome stuff.

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Home made GIANT SCALE rc car #9, Improved cantilever advantage.
Stormer Hobbies #8, Home made large scale RC car suspension. The old 400 pound springs with the cantilever at 5:26.1 were to soft. To improve the ride height and stiffen the front end to the correct amount we needed more spring or less mechanical advantage. I estimated about 25% should do it, and set the new cantilever ratio at 4:1 and it seems about perfect for this point in the project.

107MPH Worlds fastest 1/5th Scale FG Brushless Sportsline 4WD On Road Car - 8S
Finally got some free time to run my FG. So happy with the outcome. Weeks of number crunching on excel finally paid off. I wanted to run the MGM on 10s or 12S but wanted to break 100 on 8s. Now I think it's doable even on 6s:-) Was playing with disc brakes last night and reduced the servo throw to get less brake resistance on reverse and completely forgot to turn off reverse. You can see the consequences of that at the end of the 107 run. Lol. Running weight 26 lbs A special Thank You to my man Jay on the excellent paint job. Thank you to all that helped. You know who you are ;-)

Mystic C5000 Turbine Startup
2x Jetcat Marine -lets rock-

New 1/4 Scale MX 400 Off Road RC Motorcycle
MX400 - http://bit.ly/Tv6RfS This full function 1/4 scale MX400 motorcycle comes with one of the most authentic motorcycle action available. It is powerful, lightning-fast, highly durable, user friendly and ready to take on grass, dirt, or any hard-surfaced terrain. Equipped with High Power ESC and 550 Type motor, and with a huge list of upgrades and spare parts readily available, you are looking at your new favorite RC motor cycle for years to come.??? MX400 can turn 360 degrees, brake and accelerate all in amazing high speed. Highly detailed model with streamline design easily surpass a real motorbike! Everything is assembled and well tuned for you by professionals before you even open the box, and with all the top of the line equipments already installed, you don't have to do a thing to get going fast!