Redline vs. 240sx (Part 1)

Two homeboys of mine racing.

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Redline vs. 240sx (Part 2)
Two homeboys of mine....again.

Redline vs. 240sx (Part 3)
Two homeboys of mine....last time.

LS swapped 300zx closeup
Watch manifold flex when throttle opened!!! LQ9 6.0L Iron block Bored and hones .020" ARP main studs and rod bolts Advanced Induction 232cc CNC Port n Polish 243 heads milled to 11.5:1 CR w/ dual valve springs and titanium retainers ATI 25% damper Custom 229/234 .600/.600 114+2 LSA cam OEM Rockers with Trunion Upgrade Hardened Pushrods Tony Mamo Ported FAST 102 Intake Manifold FAST 102mm TB Texas Speed 100mm MAF LOJ lightweight Flywheel Custom Clutchmasters Clutch and Pressure plate Kooks 1 7/8" Longtube Headers (ceramic coated) High Flow cats 3" Specialty Z Exhaust with x-pipe Custom Dual 3" Intake w/ dual K&N Filters Return style fuel System FAST Fuel Rails 47lb. FAST Injectors

2004 Saturn Ion Redline vs 2006 Chevy Cobalt SS
My brothers 2006 cobalt SS vs my 2004 ion redline. The redline has intake and just an aftermarket muffler & a bad clutch, other then that it's all stock, the redline also has a full tank of gas, and the cobalts is almost empty! The cobalt has intake, new clutch, no cats, and 3 inch straight pipe! Both cars only have drivers. 50 mph in 3rd gear on both cars! The only reason we did that Is cause the ion redline has a bad clutch, and if we were in 1st or 2nd gear the ion will loose instantly, so 3rd gear was the way to go! Both cars had stock Supercharger pulleys. Both running at 91 octane.