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Diesel Rat Bike finished


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Дизель Днепр / Diesel Dnepr
МТ-11 с дизельным двигателем 186F/Yanmar L100 Описание создания Дизельного Днепра: http://forum.dnepromoto.com/stroyuperedelyvayu-dnepr/dizel-dnepr/ (для отображения фото нужна регистрация) http://www.suckindiesel.com/thingy/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=2616 http://photobucket.com/user/numuzmar/library/Diesel%20Dnepr

Intercooled Turbo Diesel Motorcycle (part 2)
via YouTube Capture

Awesome Diesel RAT bike!! .3gp
This MACHINE was seen on Thursday 23rd Sept 2010 at Stranraer port on his way to a bike rally in NI, it's a 1.4L Diesel Escort engine and basically a frame welded to it, here goes a description after speaking to the builder/owner.............. Left handed throttle, left handed front brake, left foot clutch, right foot back brake, right handed suicide gear shift on spanners, (remember it's a car engine and G/box, therefore H box, not sequential like a bike!!) and right handed.... well that's it for the right hand, just the gear shift... Car back tyre and wheel, with shaft drive from the left hand drive shaft with the right hand welded up! The front wheel and tyre from a kwaker of some sort, with drum brake, as i said homemade frame, bars and swing arm. Well, actually it hasn't got a swing arm as such, as it doesn't swing.... the suspension is in the seat, unless you're the pillion and then you've got foam and gaffer tape!!!! And in my opinion the best bit must be the purpose built luggage. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Diesel motorcycle KMZ K-750 + Daihatsu Charade Diesel cz.1
Część pierwsza "produkcja" motocykla z silnikiem diesla. Jest to połączenie samochodu osobowego Daihatsu Charade 1.0 Diesel model G11 z roku 1985 oraz motocykla radzieckiego wyprodukowanego w teraźniejszej Ukrainie w Kijowie - KMZ K-750 z roku 1971. W filmiku jest pokazany okres około roku - od zakupu zaprzęgu i samochodu do osiągnięcia dystansu około 11000 km od wyprodukowania.

Bobber Rat Harley
Bobber building

royal enfield diesel bullet (lambordini diesel) ambalapuzha fore sale contact.mujeeb.9895913837
created by mahesh gopinath manju engineering works karumady ambalapuzha alappuzha kerala india mob 9746712008,email.mgnathmew@yahoo.co.in,mgnathmew@gmail.com,model.1998,engin e greavus lambardini,6.5 hp,359 cc,single cylinder air cooled DI 4 stroke diesel engine,electric start.battery exide 14 ampier,bosch planetary drive startor motor,field magnet altranator 10 pole,milage 75,heavy duty 10 mm plate engine foundation,DESIGNED BY MAHESH GOPINATH(KANNAN)

Hatz Diesel Dnepr
Zu Verkaufen: Dnepr Hatz-Dieselgespann von LÖW -- Einzelstück (Bj 2002) 2 Zylinder, 1000ccm, 26 PS Verbrauch ca. 3 Liter Diesel auf 100km E -- Starter; der Motor besitzt vorne noch die originale Antriebsscheibe, damit kann man auch mit einem Seil starten; der Dieseltank befindet sich unter dem Beiwagen (guter Gewichtsausgleich); in der „Tankatrappe" oben sind eine schöne Uhr, die Abstell-vorrichtung und die Taste für eine Zusatzhupe oder dergleichen eingelassen; HAGON Stoßdämpfer hinten; Gabel überholt und Tauchrohre neu verchromt; Fußgas; rechts vom Tank oben ist der Hebel für den Rückwärtsgang; unter dem sehr komfortablen Sitz befindet sich ein großes „Handschuhfach"; Anhängevorrichtung; Reisegeschwindigkeit: ca. 90 km/h, Spitze 110 km/h (zu zweit) Das Gespann ist optisch und technisch in bestem Zustand. Laufleistung: ca. 18.000km Deutsche Zulassung

Motorcycle Fail Compilation 2014 Part 2
Motorcycle Fail Compilation 2014 - Enjoy the video. Rate, Comment, Share... Thanx https://www.youtube.com/user/MonthlyWinners

Jet Bike (Second Run) - Built by John Wallis (Australia)
This is totally the awesome second run. Home made jet engine built into the chassis of a motor bike. This clip is longer than previous clips. The clip details the starting procedure, bike run and shut down of the engine. This is the fourth jet clip by John. Also see the jet go kart and the pulse jet engine. John can be contacted at racketmotorman@gmail.com Note: All testing is conducted either on private property or on a private testing track / road. (Music is by Prodigy no copyright is claimed over the music)

Dnepr MT 11 starting up.wmv
Starting up , tuned carburators &home made Exhausts

Terrible Motorcycle Crashes fail Compilation 2013
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Diesel Bike part2
Diesel Bike own construction !

Epic Custom Tractor Bike !!! Hand Built Rat Bike ( Only One In the World ) RARE OCC
Here is a hand made motorcycle built by Larry, with black iron pipe tubing for a frame. He calls it the Tractor Bike! The main body sheet metal is from a Farmall Cub. International Harvester engine. 3 speed transmission out of a Crossly automobile, with reverse. Fenders are tire covers out of an old car covering David Bradley wheels. Sears town and country headlight. Model T tail light. If you would like to contact Larry about this bike, here is his email: themedwigs@aol.com Please Like,Share,Favorite, and Comment Below! I'd like to know what you think of this video. If you have any recommendations on a video I should produce, let me know and I will! Click the link below to subscribe! https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=best333willc My channel is about Relaxing Sounds to help Sleep , Do It Yourself Ideas, Natural Remedies, and outside the box thinking!

My Top Ten Tips to Starting a Rat/Survival bike.
My Top Ten Tips to Starting a Rat/Survival bike.

V Twin Diesel Motorcycles.wmv
Here's a selection of clips from the Hamm Diesel Motorcycle rallies of 2007 and 2008 featuring the V twin bikes that attended those events. Enjoy! www.DieselBike.net

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