Diesel Rat Bike finished

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Turbo Diesel bike running
3cyl, 1000cc yanmar diesel. Engine built from block up,bored, timing advanced, special oil pan and pickup, all tolerances to perfect specs. injection pump mods, turbocharged with gt15turbo and a ton more go goodies. 3.35 inch open primary, 6 speed ultima trans. This bike hauls.

CUSTOM CHOPPER TRACTOR BIKE !!! Hand Built Rat Bike | Custom Motorcycle, BOBBER MOTORCYCLE Cruiser
Custom Chopper Tractor Bike! Here is a hand build, rat bike, custom motorcycle built by Larry, with black iron pipe tubing for a frame. The coolest bobber motorcycle, cruiser. He calls it the Tractor Bike! Ratbike. The main body sheet metal is from a Farmall Cub. International Harvester engine. 3 speed transmission out of a Crossly automobile, with reverse. Fenders are tire covers out of an old car covering David Bradley wheels. Sears town and country headlight. Model T tail light. If you would like to contact Larry about this bike, here is his email: themedwigs@aol.com Like my content? Subscribe for more awesome ! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYCmal9NJFAJqPzJXkPkcpQ?sub_confirmation=1 I love a cool bobber motorcycle. Check out this motorcycle burnout! https://youtu.be/FJHpphrrAtc Please Like,Share,Favorite, and Comment Below! I'd like to know what you think of this video. #1 chopper bike / rat bike. Way cooler than a typical sportster! Click the link below to subscribe! https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=best333willc My channel is about Relaxing Sounds to help Sleep , Do It Yourself Ideas, Natural Remedies, and outside the box thinking! I would rather have one of these vs a davidson! Do you have an awesome bobber motorcyle? If so post a video!

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380cc diesel bike bsa a10 gear box

Intercooled Turbo Diesel Motorcycle (part 2)
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