The Professionals - Jerk it Out

Doyle & Bodie exercise their weapons for CI5 and it gets easier with practice. Song by Caesars. For a clearer view go to:

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The Professionals - Black Fingernails Red Wine
Doyle & Bodie go underground for CI5. Song by Eskimo Joe. For a clearer view go to: ml

The Professionals - Never Meant to Fail
Sometimes things don't always go right for the lads, Doyle & Bodie try hard for CI5 - song by Alex Lloyd For a clearer download go to:

The Professionals - Little Green Bag
Doyle and Bodie get up to more fun for CI5. Scene selection by Biani. Song by George Baker Selection. A full on talkie. And some vids are now being blocked, check the profile comments to see any missing ones on an alternative site. for a clearer download of this vid go to:

The Professionals - some funny scenes
Some funny scenes from various episodes I like a lot