The Professionals - Jerk it Out

Doyle & Bodie exercise their weapons for CI5 and it gets easier with practice. Song by Caesars. For a clearer view go to:

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The Professionals - Hands Up
Bodie and Doyle being a bit friendly in time to some bad early 80s music.

The Professionals - Filthy Mind
Thanks to all who participated in this vid and those who I can't trace. If you see an uncredited clip that is yours and you would like credit, please let me know and I will update this description. Song by Amanda Ghost.

The Professionals - Black Fingernails Red Wine
Doyle & Bodie go underground for CI5. Song by Eskimo Joe. For a clearer view go to: ml

The Professionals - Keep the Faith
Doyle & Bodie have faith in each other and CI5. A request came through for a talkie, so this is my first, and probably only, attempt at a talkie. Song by Bon Jovi. For a clearer view go to: