The Professionals - Jerk it Out

Doyle & Bodie exercise their weapons for CI5 and it gets easier with practice. Song by Caesars. For a clearer view go to:

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The Professionals - Black Fingernails Red Wine
Doyle & Bodie go underground for CI5. Song by Eskimo Joe. For a clearer view go to: ml

The Professionals - Let it Rock
Doyle and Bodie rock for CI5. Still playing with effects. This vid is for CI5mates, who is addicted to this song - and talked me into using it for Pros instead of Scarlet Pimpernel. Song by Kevin Rudolf Download at

The Professionals - Hands Up
Bodie and Doyle being a bit friendly in time to some bad early 80s music.

The Professionals - Open your Eyes
Doyle & Bodie run the risks for CI5. Dedicated with affection to Angelfish and pmgms because sometimes they need it. And today I needed it as my son left home to go adventuring and it was hard to let go. All 57 eps were used in this clip. Song by Snow Patrol quality download at: