How To Apply Decals

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Decal Hell tutorial 1
Model car decal tutorial part 1

How to apply water slide decals
Hobby Lobby's Mike Hines goes through the process to apply water slide decals to model airplanes.

how to take paint off your car
i use bleach white tire cleaner to remove the paint off my cars it does not mess up the model cars. u can use up to how many bottles of the stuff. ENJOY THE FUN :)

Dale Earnhardt Jr "Superdetailed" Nascar Model!
Parts used...a Mike's Scale Speedshop Chevy Impala resin body. Built as a ''Low Buck, Extreme Build" Must everything is scatchbuilt on it. All the hub assembly is built by hand. P/E Rotors. Scatchbuilt stand, modified Seat. Koolbox IV. TV camera. (All wired) wired Ignition box's. Scatchbuilt duct hoses. Window net. Seat belts. oil lines. Wired motor. Break lines. The body has an opening trunk. And modded hood so it fits nice. Painted in tamiya TS 20, (Metallic Green) And tamiya TS 26 (Pure White) Decals are from Mikes Decals. Link to an adorable video