How To Apply Decals

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How to apply water slide decals
Hobby Lobby's Mike Hines goes through the process to apply water slide decals to model airplanes.

Model Car Decal Tutorial
Step by step tutorial showing application of decals for plastic model cars.

Amalgam Fine Model Cars 1:8 Ferrari F10 (Decal Application)
A short video showing one of our skilled model makers applying the decals to a 1:8 scale Ferrari F10 model. Accurate positioning is essential and this process takes over five hours. The complex pattern of exposed carbon composite on the car is represented by another set of decals applied prior to this followed by a coat of clear lacquer. Main tools used are as follows:- 'Swan Morton' scalpel (blades regularly changed) High quality stainless tweezers 'Citadel Miniatures' pure sable brush Cotton wool buds Mituotoya Calipers Clean cutting mat

Tutorial: Decals
A tutorial on how to apply stickers, waterslide decals, and dry transfers (rub decals).