305whp all motor RSX

A twisted version of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Worlds Fastest All Motor Acura RSX
K Phonix gave us the opportunity of filming their world record breaking all motor RSX. This is a very clean, very streetable RSX making 335whp naturally aspirated. Fastest time to date is 11.3

Kmod RSX all motor 287whp 195wtq
Taking the car for a test drive real nasty

K20/K24 All Motor 272whp RSX Type S
The video of my beasting car.. The set up is All Motor k20/k24.. made 272whp but i'm being restricted from my stock rbc intake manifold, stock throttle body, and cai w/out velocity stack. There's still room to grow! My tune is very conservative also as I thought I would be driving this as a daily driver.. enjoy!

11sec all motor Rsx.
Stock K20z1 rsx with bolt-ons tuned on M5.