Norfolk Southern on MSTS

Some of my NS locos that I downloaded from KLW Train sim Add ons. Rolling Stock Included in the Download. SD40-2 Update needed from MSTS website. Sound included. COMMENTS APPRECIATED :D

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MSTS new sounds
Some new horns and train car sounds I got. Does anyone know how to make there own horn sounds and alias them to locos. Here is where the sounds are

F40PH in Train Simulator
A Train Pulled by 2 F40PHs runs on the North East Corridor from New Carrollton to Washington in Microsoft Train Simulator. The train consits of 9 amfleets. Both the cars and F40s are in Phase 3. One locomotive has HEP, the other does not. The Train Simulator Website where you can purchase Microsoft Train Simulator can be found at: It's no longer distributed by microsoft. Instead, it is distributed by several gaming companies. The lowest priced version of the game that I could see was $75. I bought the game in 2007, so I forget how much I paid for it. The Add-on Amtrak F40PHs and Amfleet cars can be found on at: and by typing in the file name box on the search page. Note: you must be a member of to download files. Wow! 100,000 views! 200,000 views! Thanks for watching!

MSTS, A Day with a Norfolk Southern Crew
Today we jump on bored with a NS Crew. Are lead unit is a Primer C44-9W tha hasent been painted yet. Also the route is Lasalle as always. Links will be below as always. The train we have is a Ethonel train with two one buffer car and all tanks. Route- Locomotives-

Microsoft Train Simulator Train Wrecks Part 16
Has Marias Pass been known as the deadliest railroad line in North America and most costly to operate?