Norfolk Southern on MSTS

Some of my NS locos that I downloaded from KLW Train sim Add ons. Rolling Stock Included in the Download. SD40-2 Update needed from MSTS website. Sound included. COMMENTS APPRECIATED :D

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MSTS: Norfolk Southern Coal Train on La Salle, Rockford & Central

MSTS Railfanning 9 SLI NS SD70Ms
In the latest installment of MSTS Railfanning, we follow some Norfolk Southern SD70Ms on the NEC route.

MSTS Norfolk Southern Tribute
here is my MSTS Norfolk Southern tribute with variation from other railroads. Most shots were taken by Marion, OH on the Conrail Indy Route 2, with a few from the Test Route. This vid dates back to December 21, 2009. This was my last video without the Full Fraps, so ENJOY!!!

MSTS locomotives
These are a few of the locomotives that I use on MSTS (Microsoft Train Simulator). Most of these can be downloaded at