Norfolk Southern on MSTS

Some of my NS locos that I downloaded from KLW Train sim Add ons. Rolling Stock Included in the Download. SD40-2 Update needed from MSTS website. Sound included. COMMENTS APPRECIATED :D

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MSTS train crashes 1
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msts crashes

MSTS Train Simulator Andhra Pradesh express Indian Railways
MSTS Train Simulator Andhra Pradesh express Indian Railways Microsoft Train simulator Indian Railways Drive one of the most prestigious train of South India - Andhra pradesh AP express from New Delhi to Itarsi station with LGD WAP 7 Activity under development by me...Efforts are done to add Real time crossing and overtakings in this activity If u have any querry or suggestion please mail me at BUT BUT do write in the comment below aftr writing to me coz i du not chek mail very often Enjoy parallel run between Patna Sampoorn kranti and AP express

MSTS Crash Complication 1
EDIT 02/02/2015: I never thought this video would become somewhat popular... I jokingly thought about it but never expected it to actually happen. No, I am not making money off any of my videos currently and I do not plan to due to the use of copyrighted music. Yes, I understand that this was a seemingly crappy choice of music and I am aware of this in my other MSTS compilations and if I could, I would change the music in all of them to something that suits these videos more. I do not like Dubstep anymore and I am more interested in House, Electro and Rock music. Also another note, I cannot make MSTS videos anymore because my laptop: - Has no disk drive (don't ask me, ask Acer) - AMD graphics cards do not like MSTS (crashes upon launch) Recorded with Bandicam Song: Droideka - Get Hyper