Norfolk Southern on MSTS

Some of my NS locos that I downloaded from KLW Train sim Add ons. Rolling Stock Included in the Download. SD40-2 Update needed from MSTS website. Sound included. COMMENTS APPRECIATED :D

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MSTS Norfolk Southern Tribute
here is my MSTS Norfolk Southern tribute with variation from other railroads. Most shots were taken by Marion, OH on the Conrail Indy Route 2, with a few from the Test Route. This vid dates back to December 21, 2009. This was my last video without the Full Fraps, so ENJOY!!!

msts 8 train wrecks at one time
i built a 4 track route and added traffic therefore 4 trains on each side=8 train wrecks at one time

MSTS Indian Railway Loud Horn with Norfolk Southern
MSTS Indian Railway Loud Horn with Norfolk Southern Norfolk Southern Locomotive now comes to India and is Tested with BCNHL rake Notice the loudest honking ever

Norfolk Southern Pocahontas District Railfanning [MSTS]
Basically said, I railfanned all of the Norfolk Southern models that I have. **Note: All of the train numbers are made up. They are completely fictional. Don't e-mail me about it. Everything you see here is available at, for those who want to know. (more)