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WPVW supercharged drag bug @ 2011 Jamboree

Ben Ford takes the WPVW supercharged drag bug down the strip in 11.9secs . His bug is running only 5psi Boost whilst in the set-up stage and the Boost will be lifted shortly ........see build details at www.wpvw.com.au


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WPVW supercharged drag bug @ 2011 Jamboree-3
Ben Ford from WPVW puts his supercharged drag bug down the quarter in 11.8secs ..... see the build of his bug at www.wpvw.com.au

WPVW vid of Steve Muller in his rat bus @ 2011 Jamboree
see Steve Muller take his 2842ml type-4 powered rat bus down the quarter in 14.4 secs.........

twin-supercharger vw engine 1/8 mile 5,94
this video is from 1992 swedish dragracingteam, MRM-Racing

WPVW on the dyno with Bens supercharged drag bug
the WPVW supercharged drag bug of Ben Ford is run on the Dyno at south-coast rotary in preparation for the Warwick 2010 VW drags

WPVW supercharged drag bug vs nissan pulsar
Ben Ford eliminates the nissan pulsar at the 2011 Sydney Jamboree in the Street Compact class with a 12.7 sec pass on a 11.8 dial-in....

Supercharged VW Dangerous Dave Butler VW Win against Gary Berg 1995 Jamboree
Gary Crossed the centerline and handed me the win. It was a close race. My engine was supercharged 1775cc, Gary's was a 2665cc normally aspirated combo. He went past at nearly 9000 rpm.

WPVW vid of Turbo oval @ VW Showdown 2012 10.13@139.70mph
Incar footage of Wayne Penrose taking the WPVW turbo street oval to a new PB 10.13@139.70mph at the 2012 VW Showdown WSID Sydney

WPVW vid of Henry Spicak @ 2011 Jamboree
Henry Spicak takes his beautiful 56 oval beetle down the quarter in 12.13 @ 109mph

WPVW supercharged drag bug @ Portland VW drags 2011-2
Ben Ford puts the WPVW supercharged drag bug down the 1/8 mile in 7.59secs . great in-car footage.....the silver gauge through the steering wheel is the Boost gauge.

Drag Day 2011 March TOA Type3 #002
Drag Day 2011 at Irwindale Dragstrip. Lots of racers, swappers and show cars! Always nice to be there!

WPVW vid of Chris Bolton drag bug on dyno 238hp
after a 3 month build in preparation for Warwick VW drags 2011 , Chris Boltons' new drag bug is put on the Dyno for tuning . The 2387ml type-1 engine is fitted with a t04-e turbo and a 45mm side draught weber carb . The weber carb has been heavily modified for methanol race fuel . It produced 238hp @ the tyres

James Wooton O/FF 100 Part 1 - 2010 Bug Jam
Big Wheelie Slo-Mo Launch James's VW Bug at the 2010 Bug Jam , Santa Pod.

WPVW vid of VWMA drag rat @ 2011 Jamboree finals
Ben Robinson wins the all motor finals at the 2011 Jamboree in the VWMA sponsored drag rat bug .... 12.274sec on a 12.25 dial-in

WPVW supercharged drag bug @ Portland 2011-7
Ben Ford in the WPVW supercharged drag bug vs Mike Waldron in the LMS supercharged drag bug at Portland 2011. Ben has a little trouble controlling the throttle on this run but still manages the win in 7.6 sec 1/8 mile

Supercharged VW Bug
First start of a supercharged 1972 VW Bug

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