Sebastian Vettel 2011 world champion 09/10/2011 japan BBC grand prix

Sebastian Vettel 2011 world champion :D ( im a ferrari fan not a red bull and my favorite driver is massa) but love sebastian or hate him.. he can narf drive :P all copyright goes to BBC one i do not own any of this material

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Sebastian Vettel Formula One World Champion 2012

Sebastian Vettel - World Champion 2013
Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel - 2012 Formula One World Champion
Sebastian Vettel overcomes the season's inconsistency to become the youngest triple world champion ever. All rights go to Formula one Management. Music by Rihanna.

Vettel 2011 World F1 Champion's post-race celebrations in Japan
Sebastian Vettel became double world champion in Japan today by winning the drivers championship, 2011. Here is some post-race celebrations by Vettel and the Red Bull.