Hurst Shifter on 2008 Mustang GT

This video will show you the look and feel of the Hurst Shifter after it's been installed. For more info on this shifter follow this link:

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Mustang Hurst Competition Plus Shifter - TR-3650 (05-10 GT) Review Hurst Performance 3910201 Mustang Fitment: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Shorter, faster Shifts. Installing a Hurst Competition Plus Shifter is going to seriously overhaul the shifting experience in your 2005-2009 Mustang GT. Featuring a spherical bearing that makes shifting butter smooth, the Hurst Competition Plus Shifter has been engineered to reduce the overall shift throw by as much as 40% over the stock TR-3560 unit. This is going to allow you to row through the gears much quicker and with uncanny precision, translating to better acceleration times. Furthermore, built with polyurethane bushings as opposed to soft rubber, the Hurst Competition Plus Shifter provides a positive shift action that doesn't flex or distort. Classic Hurst Style. On top of the performance gains, Hurst has designed this shifter in classic fashion. The chrome I-beam lever is topped with a nostalgic white shift knob engraved with the proper 5-speed pattern and shift logo. It is important to note that the Hurst Competition Shift Plus is threaded differently than the stock shifter, thus the original shift knob, or any shift knob that fits the OEM TR-3560 shifter, will not mount on the Hurst. 1 Hour Install. Installing the Hurst Competition Plus Shifter on your 2005-2010 Mustang is a combination process of working in the interior and underneath the car. The Competition Plus is engineered to be a direct replacement and bolts up using all the same mounting locations. Total time for the install will be about an hour and requires access to a good socket set with extensions.

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