Fox Body Fairmont w/ Mustang 3V Engine Swap -- Ford Racing M-6017-463V

Check out the Fox Body Mustang Ford Racing 3V Controls Pack Here: We took the Fox Body Fairmont out for a little test drive. This thing sounds wicked and launches like crazy. The Exhaust setup includes a set of MAC long tube headers, a modified BBK x-pipe, and Jones mufflers coupled with a set of Pipes flow tubes. The 4.6L Mustang 3V engine is being run by the Ford Racing Controls Pack (M-6017-463V). For a full detailed write up with build specs and hundreds of pics check out our our blog series on this car. Mustang 3V Engine Swap Article: Mustang 4.6L 3V Ford Racing Controls Pack, M6017463V

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Pass Time Event at the LRS 10th Anniversary
In the planning stages of our 10th Anniversary our Sales Manager Mike Linley suggested that since our employees were not really getting a chance to run their cars down the track, maybe we could organize a "Pass-Time" style game show for a few lucky people from the car show. We thought about it, and all decided it was a great idea. If you have never watched the popular Pass-Time TV show on Speed channel, the basics are that you have contestants that try and guess the elapsed time of one car they have never seen go down the track before. The challenge is that they can only ask the driver one question to help them narrow a guess for the ET and whichever of the contestants is closest to the ET wins money. Cars can range from daily drivers or they can change up drivers to make it more interesting and don't forget the combo round where you have to guess the total ET of two cars going down the 1320 at the same time. Usually they wrap up the show with a really fast car to throw everyone off. Texas Motorplex Ennis, TX

Fox Body Mustang Project Blue Collar: Back From Paint!
Watch This Complete Fox Body Mustang Restoration Project Here:< a href = "/Ford--Mustang-Drag-Racing.html">Mustang-Restoration Project Blue Collar, our Fox Body Mustang Build, is back from paint! We had a lot to accomplish once the Stang came back from the paint shop. We started by installing new 5.0Resto exterior trim parts, new quarter windows, headlights and replaced those ugly clear tail lights! Once that was done we installed a set of SVE Drag Wheels on Project Blue Collar. I would expect to see some drag times in the future. To finish off the performance mods we installed a SVE 70mm throttle body and Pypes Pype Bomb Catback Exhaust. The last part of this project was re-installing the interior components and replacing all of the broken and worn out pieces (there were a lot!). We installed the TMI 2003 Cobra Seat Upholstery kit, black suede headliner, sunvisors and door panels. We finished off the interior with new ACC carpets and floor mats. Click the link above to see this project take off from start to finish! There are tons of installation videos to help you with your Project Fox Body Mustang! 50Resto SVE

2015 Mustang Gibson Catback Exhaust Kit - 3" Black (5.0L GT)
Click the link below to see the Gibson Catback Exhaust Kits: Black: Stainless Steel: In this video we compare the stock Exhaust on a 2015 5.0L Mustang with Gibson's 3" catback Exhaust system. This Exhaust gave our 2015 Triple Yellow Mustang Gt a new set of lungs. We achieved a deeper tone, all while increasing horsepower and torque! This 2015 Mustang Gibson catback Exhaust kit not only gives you a great horsepower increase, it also adds a throaty Exhaust tone.It features an x-pipe and Superflow mufflers to help get maximum performance. It is finished of with 4.5" black intercooled tips to give the rear of your S550 a stealthy new look. To see more videos on our 2015 Mustang GT, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. SVE Performance 5.0 Resto

Fox Body Mustang On3 Turbo Kit -- Customer Review
Check out our full selection of Mustang turbo Kits Here: Boost your performance with one of our Mustang On3 turbo Kits! These kit will help you increase your horsepower and torque without breaking the bank. #LatemodelResto customer Jason, recently installed one of the On 3 turbo kits on your Fox Body Mustang. We think it sounds great. Listen has he lets it idle and drives it around town. Comment below and let us know if you have some videos you would like to share with us!! You can email to share you videos.... who knows maybe we will feature them on our YouTube Channel!! Thanks to Customer Jason for product review!! Check out his 91 Mustang GT with a baseline On3 turbo Kit. He is a co-owner of Be sure to check out his forum when you get a chance! See the full project build list below: 1991 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 331ci stroker motor AFR 185cc heads Edelbrock RPM II Intake Edelbrock 70MM Throttle Body Siemens 60lb injectors PMAS MAF Comp Cams Pro Magnum Rockers MSD Distributor MSD Digital 6 Ignition Flex A Lite 185 fan SVE Radiator SVE Cobra Replica wheels TKO Trans Centerforce Clutch 373:1 gear SVE Chrome Valve Covers Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the latest Mustang tech, news and installation videos to help you with your project Mustang build!!