Fox Body Fairmont w/ Mustang 3V Engine Swap -- Ford Racing M-6017-463V

Check out the Fox Body Mustang Ford Racing 3V Controls Pack Here: We took the Fox Body Fairmont out for a little test drive. This thing sounds wicked and launches like crazy. The Exhaust setup includes a set of MAC long tube headers, a modified BBK x-pipe, and Jones mufflers coupled with a set of Pipes flow tubes. The 4.6L Mustang 3V engine is being run by the Ford Racing Controls Pack (M-6017-463V). For a full detailed write up with build specs and hundreds of pics check out our our blog series on this car. Mustang 3V Engine Swap Article: Mustang 4.6L 3V Ford Racing Controls Pack, M6017463V

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Pass Time Event at the LRS 10th Anniversary
In the planning stages of our 10th Anniversary our Sales Manager Mike Linley suggested that since our employees were not really getting a chance to run their cars down the track, maybe we could organize a "Pass-Time" style game show for a few lucky people from the car show. We thought about it, and all decided it was a great idea. If you have never watched the popular Pass-Time TV show on Speed channel, the basics are that you have contestants that try and guess the elapsed time of one car they have never seen go down the track before. The challenge is that they can only ask the driver one question to help them narrow a guess for the ET and whichever of the contestants is closest to the ET wins money. Cars can range from daily drivers or they can change up drivers to make it more interesting and don't forget the combo round where you have to guess the total ET of two cars going down the 1320 at the same time. Usually they wrap up the show with a really fast car to throw everyone off. Texas Motorplex Ennis, TX

Mustang Coyote Swap: 5.0L Engine Install
Want more information about your Mustang Coyote Swap - click here: Well Jmac said it best, It's D-day here at We will be installing the 5.0L Ford Coyote motor into our SN95 Cobra. This Coyote swap is gettting closer to being fired up for the first time! Follow along in the video as Jmac walks you through our install procedure. We decided to keep the factor k member for this project Mustang. This swam process applies to a Fox Body Mustang Coyote Engine Swap. Be sure to subscribe and get all the latest updates on our Project Coyote Swap! See previous parts of this build: Project Coyote Swap: Intro Project Coyote Swap: Ford Racing Controls Pack and Fuel System ack-Fuel Project Coyote Swap: BBK Headers, Oil Pan & Clutch Assembly lutch-Install

Mustang Coyote Swap - BBK Headers, Moroso Oil Pan & Clutch Install
See more info on this Mustang Coyote Swap here: In this update, Jmac shows you everything you need to do before you can install the Coyote motor into your SN-95 or Fox Body Mustang. He covers topics such as tubular k members. If you have a 96-04 Mustang with a 4.6L engine already in your Mustang then you can use your stock k member. Jmac shows you what clearance issues you will have if you use a stock k member with long tube headers. In this Mustang Coyote Swap, we used a set of BBK Coyote swap long tube headers. They will be later mated up to a BBK Coyote Swap off-road x pipe. We also address motor mounts need for a engine swap like this. We used a set of factory 96-04 4.6L motor mounts. The next major component needed to do a Coyote Swap in a Fox or SN95 Mustang is an oil pan. We turned to Moroso and used their Coyote Swap oil pan. It did have to have minor modification to clear the long tube headers. Lastly we used a Quick Time bell-housing to install our Tremec 3550 transmission to the Coyote engine. Jmac goes over some of the minor modifications needed to make a Tremec transmission work in your Coyote swap. 1979-10 Mustang 5.0L COYOTE SWAP OIL PAN n 1979-04 Mustang BBK CERAMIC COYOTE 5.0L SWAP FULL LENGTH HEADERS eaders 1996-04 Mustang 4.6, 5.4 & 5.0 COYOTE SFI T5 & TREMEC BELLHOUSING ing-Modular-Motor-To-Tremec-Or-T5 1996-14 Mustang RAM 8 BOLT BILLET ALUMINUM FLYWHEEL eel 1996-04 Mustang 4.6L URETHANE MOTOR MOUNT

1987-1993 Fox Body Mustang SVE 5.0L Top End Engine Kit
Click on the links below for more info! For 1987-1993 5.0L Fox Body Mustangs: For 1994-1995 5.0L SN95 Mustangs: Engine-Kit-Mustang-94-95 This SVE 1987-1995 Mustang 5.0L top end engine kit is a great way to bolt on serious horsepower to your Fox Body. Featuring some of the most popular motor modification upgrades for your 302ci motor, this all in one kit gives you the performance you need to get more power and torque. This kit includes a performance intake manifold, aluminum cylinder heads, Trickflow camshaft, aluminum valve covers, timing chain, gaskets, studs, and roller rockers to produce up to 320+ horsepower depending on compression ratio and supporting modifications! -SVE Cylinder Head Specs- Cylinder Head Style: Assembled Cylinder Head Material: Aluminum Combustion Chamber Volume (cc): 61cc Intake Runner Volume (cc): 170cc Exhaust Runner Volume (cc): 60cc CNC-Machined Intake Runner: No CNC-Machined Exhaust Runner: No Intake Valve Diameter (in): 2.020 in. Exhaust Valve Diameter (in): 1.600 in. Maximum Valve Lift (in): 0.550 in. Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in): 1.460 in. Number of Springs Per Valve: Dual Rocker Arm Studs Included: Yes Rocker Arm Nut Thread Size: 3/8 in. Rocker Arms Included: No Rocker Arm Nuts Included: No Guideplate Pushrod Size: 5/16 in. Valve Angle: 20 Oiling Style: Through pushrod SVE Performance 5.0 Resto