kart hayabusa tests part 2

premier essai sur route du kart... http://karthayabusa.blogspot.com/ Nous lançons un avis à la population car nous cherchons un circuit qui nous accepterait... n'hesitez pas à nous contacter par le biais de youtube!

More Videos...

Caravan with Renault 1.4 turbo engine
Imagine this thing passing you, lol. It's powered by a 105bhp Renault 1.4 turbo engine.

GSXR 1100cc kart TURBO warm up for first run
My GSXR turbo kart before the first test drive. Check my other videos

Flotek 421 cub test launch
Jason testing the new powerjet 40mm lectrons and gearing on the Flotek cheetah cub drag bike

Gixxer Kart...A must see run
2005 GSX-R 600 engine mounted to a custom stretched 125cc shifter kart frame. Power commander III, weight about 475 lbs with driver, ~110 WHP.