2jzgte in mazda 929

Just idling after installing Brian Crower 264 cams. Still running standard ecu with ported head.

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Тачка на прокачку для Avtomana. Mazda Cosmo 1985
http://www.drive2.ru/cars/mazda/929/929_ii/ar164rus/ Привет =) Понравилась жёлтая купеха, тогда ставь лайк!)

Mazda 3 2014 Skyactive-G 165 - acceleration 0-220 km/h and more dynamic tests
One of the last naturally aspirated engines in the compact class on European market. Surprisingly good and potent. More at http://www.Autoforum.cz/testy-aut/test-mazda-3-2014-skyactiv-g-165-dobe-nav zdory/

first startup 2jzgte tomei 264 duration poncams.MOV
First startup after installing tomei 264 duration cams. Still needs to be tuned and will be done shortly.