Cormorant hélicoptère téléguidé - RC Scale Helicopter Cormorant

Modèle d'hélicoptère téléguidé Cormorant piloter et construit par Yvon Langevin RC Scale Cormoran helicopter flown by Yvon Langevin

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Flying 20 Helicopters Simultaneously Part II
Well as we promised, we attempted to fly 20 helicopters in a smaller room so you can see the impact. It was a scary experience as you can see and hear the fear from everyone. DO NO ATTEMPT, we are professionals, well at least some of us. Enjoy the video and let us know what you think REMEMBER TO LIKE! the more likes we get, the more incentive we have to give out a free helicopter!!! Please Share so everyone can see it Check out all the cool rc helicopters at

GIANT SCALE: 47 lbs TURBINE (93,000 RPM) Marines 875-Size (CH-53D) Heli
SKIP to 1:38 to get to the field, SKIP to 3:40 for take-off, SKIP to 6:10 for flying. INFO: Headspeed is 900 RPM, Turbine is 93,000 RPM, 6-Bladed Head and 4-Bladed Tail, Mains are 875mm and Tails are 180mm. It starts with Propane and flies on Kerosene. The body is that of a Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion (CH-53D). Flight time is about 10 minutes. Video of setup and flight but Jc and Jim. For more turbine heli action also watch: Full Details: OF fuselage (only 12 made), OF rotor system 875mm mains, 180mm tail blades, Jakadofski Pro Turbine, Modified Len Mount mechanics, Savox Servos, Spectrum 18QQ radio w/AR12120 rx, Bavarian Demon 3sx FBL unit. Custom Robart built retracts. Weight 47lbs w/92 oz of fuel. Features: Custom 3D printed T64 engines in cowlings, ramp door operates, tail skid retracts w/gear and ramp. Yet to come: 3D printed cockpit, 3D printed "EAPS" filters for the engine pods, and door gunners w/50 cal. guns!

Mini Moto 50cc Yuji Com 3 Anos
yuji com 3 anos aprendendo a tocar a motinha dele. Obs na epoca eu nao tinha muita grana para comprar equipamentos apenas queria incentivar ele a andar com a motinha que com muito custo comprei para ele. agora estamos no japao e ele tem um helmet mais esta sem a moto kkk YUJI channel

CANADAIR CL-215 rc-1
Maniobras de entrada y salida del agua, carga y suelta de agua del Canadair de Luis Montenegro, del club FURAVENTOS de Porriño maestro indiscutible de esta especialidad, que acumula con este modelo más de 300 horas de vuelo, protagonizando las más bellas imágenes animadas de este mítico avión anfibio.